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The Mizpah Hotel- Tonopah, Nevada

JANUARY 22, 2022


Arriving in Tonopah, our two investigators there at the time, checked into the Mizpah their first night in town. They took a few minutes to set up some equipment, then went to have some dinner and check things out. After midnight had pealed it's last chime, the hotel allowed them free access to the lobby. The following pics are very compelling. Let us know what you think please.

In this SLS capture of a spirit, there is a figure sitting in the chair. If it wasn't for the photo taken at the same time by a regular camera of the same exact area, we might have thought the camera was actually tracing the pattern of the chair, except in the regular photo there is no spirit figure. You will notice the barstool is empty in the background, but occupied in the SLS capture. INTERESTING!!!

This is one pic from the Mizpah Lobby, and it seems to share two mischievious SLS Spirits

This SLS spirit is certainly very mellow. You will notice the SLS pic, and with it, the pic of the lobby by regular camera which shows no figures at the same moment that the SLS camera catches it's spirit for all to see. That's pretty darned compelling!!

The Mizpah

Shot from the position of a famous murder on the 5th floor, just outside our room. The murdered woman is said to haunt the 5th floor.

The Mizpah Lobby

The Safe