October 8,2022


The Columbarium is said to be haunted, according to some people. There are tales of a handprint on a womans back yet no one was there to put a hand on her, footsteps, people saying they feel something is watching or following them, even a possible apparition.

It would not surprise us to find the Columbarium had a spirit or two hanging around. Especially considering from 1910-1940, over 40,000 bodies were dug up and moved to Colma. There are no bodies at the Columbarium, just ashes.  When San Francisco became a town, it wanted all the land that were covered in graveyards. So they told the family of the departed buried there that they had to move their loved ones body to another location. Those who could not afford to have their loved ones moved unfortunately were the cause of a multitude of bodies being buried in mass graves. That right there, I'm thinking,  is enough to guarantee that there are restless souls at the Columbarium. I would be truly pissed if my remains were relocated without my permission and since I'm dead and can not give permission, then leave me buried where I am. Some of those people, especially the ones thrown in mass graves must be looking for their own site. Wouldn't you think?

PHPR went in September, just last month, and investigated to see if we could perhaps communicate with any spirits there. We were prepared for anything to happen or even for nothing to happen.

We didn't spent more than 6 hours or so there. We had no interactions or activity at all. The Columbarium is as peaceful as it is beautiful, and if any spirits are hanging around there, they are happy where they are I guess. No evil vibes, no hair standing on end. Just peace and tranquality.

Columbarium's hostess, Kim, had told us she had heard the stories about it being haunted and people had reported a few odd happenings but she maintained from the start that the place was not haunted. We tend to agree with her. There was nothing there. 

However, it was the first time the Columbarium had ever been investigated as far as anyone knows, so maybe some time in the future, some other paranormal group may decide to investigate it if they can get permission and maybe they might have a different experience.

There is one thing we do know, things are ever changing and we never know what tomorrow will bring. I imagine it would be the same anywhere, even in a paranormal world.

The Brook Room

The Brook Room

JULY 12, 2020


 In reviewing data collected, we came across this set of video clips taken with the SLS camera. They come from several different investigations but for whatever reason were not chosen to put on the website. We decided to post them , now that we've found them again, and let you check them out yourselves.

 Some are from the ongoing investigation at our home, after finding a gun buried in our back yard, that was loaded,  minus two shells. There is an ongoing investigation by the sheriff on the gun so we have been limited in what we can say or post.

 Hope you enjoy your stroll through the video clips.

 Most of these videos were taken in our home. We find it interesting how we can sometimes get action on our SLS camera and sometimes we get nothing. We will be posting more videos soon.

JUNE 16, 2020


 Upon reviewing the evidence at the Busick Investigation, the video below is one I wanted to post right away. Ignoring the mess in the bedroom, watch the orbs fly around like crazy. At one point outside the window you will see headlights from cars being moved around but for most of the video the orbs cannot be confused with lights from outside. There is more pics coming your way but we are still reviewing them. In the meantime let us know what you think of this video.

Orbs at the Busick Home

JUNE 9, 2020


 First update- Our Home- We have been running an investigation at our home as we recently relayed to you. We would already have posted the results but we were getting such interesting data on our SLS camera every night for a while so we decided to continue investigating to see how long the activity might last. We have started to review the SLS camera data and will be adding pics and audios very soon. 

 Second Update- The Busicks- We did a followup investigation on 6/8/2020 at the Busick residence. We were not surprised to find plenty of activity going on there as we have found it before at the residence. Last night, we had one of our investigators having an intelligent conversation with a spirit. Our investigator would ask a question and we would get a response immediately that was clearly an answer to the question our investigator had just posed, including at one point what seemed to be the spirit telling us there were too many people there and she counted the correct number of people that were there.

 In the bedroom at one point, there were suddenly a lot of orbs moving around rapidly. One flew directly at our lead investigator. The orbs are beautiful in their clarity and detail and we can't wait to bring them to you.

 We are in the process of reviewing the data we received last night and will bring it to you as quickly as possible. I also want to mention that we will debunk anything we can if we can find an explanation for it. If not, we will list it as possible paranormal activity. Keep watching this week for further updates from both of these investigations.

MAY 16, 2020


 We have investigated the Busick home twice already, each time getting more evidence of paranormal activity. It seems to be a rather busy place for paranormal activity.

 We just received a call yesterday from Mrs. Busick, who was very excited and nervous. She claims that the activity has picked up a lot in the last two days. There are sightings of several people in her yards, lipsticks flying off the counter in the bathroom when no one is there, more voices in the dead of night, according to Mrs. Busick. 

 Mrs. Busick has been very insistant that we come back and investigate further. We have decided to accomadate her once again since we have gotten our own views of paranormal activity there. 

 We will bring you any evidence such as pics, audios, or videos, that we collect, along with an update about what we find there so keep watching for that story to be posted also.

MARCH 8, 2020


 Wright's Station, is a ghost town in unincorporated W. Santa Clara County. It is located near the Summit Road in the Santa Cruz Mountains, on the north bank of Los Gatos Creek, east of State Route 17.

 Wright's was one of the ghost towns that flourished in the last half of the 19th century. It declined when the Los Gatos-Santa Cruz Railroad ceased operations in March 1940.

 A Post Office was established in 1879 and the railroad was completed in 1880 from Los Gatos, along the Los Gatos Creek to Wright's Station.

 During the construction of the main railroad tunnel, which was between Wright's Station and Laurel, a strong flow of natural gas was encountered and an explosion followed which resulted in the death of 32 Chinese workers. The railroad was subsquently stopped but gas continued to escape in small quantities. The extent of the supply was unknown. There were a series of tunnels, including a 6200 foot tunnel between Wright's and Laurel, most of which were later blocked where the railroad ceased operations.

 Wrights has completely disappeared today.  No trace remains except for a dynamited tunnel opening at the ends.

Wright's Station Road 2008

Wright's Station Road 2008

 Some building foundations and debris from the town can still be found in the dense woods.

 It was pointed out by local historian, Sandy Lydon, that the Chinese immigrants believe those that die without proper acknowledgement and respect become hungry ghosts capabable of evil until they are reunited with their families. But by all accounts the 32 Chinese workers that perished in the Summit Tunnel, (as it is also known), were buried alongside the track somewhere north of Wright's Station. Their bodies were eventually swallowed by the mountain and forgotten.

 One week after the railroad began operations in the spring of 1880, an excursion train returning from "Big Trees" derailed, killing 15 passengers. Perhaps the death and dismemberment on present day Hwy. 17, is also the work of neglected spirits.

 On April 4, 1962, demolition teams from the army closed all the South Pacific Rail Road Tunnels for eternity, undoing in one day what the Chinese had spent 27 months and dozens of their lives to achieve.

 Other than the words of a few historians, the men who died in this tunnel never received any kind of acknowledgement for their work or any kind of respect for their violent end.

Tunnel entrance to Wrights station

Tunnel entrance to Wrights station

 This story is taken in part from a story written by Ryan Masters, who writes a weekly column, Goat Trails for Hilltrompers.

 PHPR found no evidence of spirits, or any other ghostly activity in their investigation of Wright's Station. We do plan on doing a follow- up at some distant unknown time to see if we might then catch a glimmer of paranormal activity.

 Under our PICS tab, you will find a few more pics of Wright's station.

A pic of the ghost meter used in the video which is under the video tab.

A pic of the ghost meter used in the video which is under the video tab.

FEBRUARY 28, 2020


 As we reviewed the pics and videos collected at the Woods Dwelling, one of our investigators had a ghost meter which I will include a pic of.

 To make that pic mean something I am going to add a video taken at the Woods Dwelling that shows one of our investigators communicating with the ghost box, and you will hear intelligent answers to our investigators questions. Not just one or two questions and answers but a whole slew of them which were all responded to in an intelligent manner.

The video will be under the Video tab.

The green orb is the one that follows a man for over half an hour. Go to the pic tab and see the other photos of the orb and track it as it moves from over the sand to over the water.

The green orb is the one that follows a man for over half an hour. Go to the pic tab and see the other photos of the orb and track it as it moves from over the sand to over the water.

FEBRUARY 26, 2020


 In reviewing the evidence gathered at the Woods Dwelling in Prunedale, Ca., we realized that at two different points in the investigation there were two names that came through on the spirit box. One was Jason and one was Jacob.  Jake is Jason's son and Jason is Mrs. Woods son. This became a little concerning to us when we interviewed Jason, who told of orbs around him and his room, and then he showed me pics of a green orb which actually picked him up at home and followed him to the beach, where it followed him awhile, then went out over the ocean (from the sand mind you) and rose up and disappeared. We could find no logical explanation for this orb and we could not deny what our eyes were seeing. This one orb which we be bringing pics to you pretty soon so you can it, anyway this one orb stayed with Jason for more than 30 minutes. We have not been able to debunk it as a bit of dust or a light reflecting or any thing else so far. It is very intriquing. We are continuing to review the evidence gathered at the Woods Home and will bring you pics and more of the story behind the evidence gathered at that home as soon as we have completed our reviews.

 I just wanted to share this with you because it came as news after the investigation that we had not been aware of. And if Jason's name had not come through , I doubt Jason would have shared his story. He's been puzzled and trying to understand what is behind the green orb.

 Jason recently lost his best friend and he believes the orb might have been the spirit of his friend because he was sinking deeper and deeper into depression and couldn't come to grips with his friends death. He said however, when  the orb left him, that he felt a lot lighter and started coping with his loss. He believes his friends spirit came to let him know things are ok and he would be ok. It certainly is not anything we have been able to explain away.

 You can now see several pics of the orb I was talking about in the new pics under the pic tab. It's very interesting that the orb is first over the sand, then closer to the water, now over the water, and now further over the water. This represents a half hour time line at least from the time of the first sighting of the orb to the last one where it is over the water. We have not been able to debunk these pics, simply because the orb is shown where it has moved to several different areas both over land and over the water. It's very compelling.

FEBRUARY 18, 2020


 Evergreen Cemetary is located next to Harvey West Park in Santa Cruz, Ca. It was established in 1850 and contains the gravesites of many of Santa Cruz's earliest pioneers.

 The cemetary is divided into seperate sections which include the Masionic Section, The Grand Army of the Republic plot (Civil War Heros), the old section (a potters field), which is used for people who could not afford a gravesight, the Chinese Area, private burial areas and the extension, which was added in the 1940s. 

 Even though the cemetary is almost 200 years old, there are still open plots waiting for the people to pass away and claim them, as well as those long ago pioneers from the 1840's.

 Despite the graves that have been broken into, and headstones that are toppled, missing or broken and despite the fact that the cemetary is almost 200 years old, and  possible spirits may inhabit there and despite the fact that the cemetary certainly looks somber and scary when you first see it, whether day or night, the investigative team from PHPR found no signs of ghosts, spirits or indeed any paranormal activity. It was in fact said that it was very peaceful there and felt calm and serene.

 The PHPR Team spent only about an hour there. There were four PHPR Investigators there with varying ghost hunting equipment, such as a digital audio recorder, a Mel Meter, an SLS camera, digital camera, video recorder, and a microphone to enhance anything they might hear. Even with all that equipment, our team gathered absolutely no evidence of any paranormal anything that night.

 We decided to make Evergreen Cemetary, the first cemetary out of 15 cemetaries that our Team plans on investigating for our Cemetary Investigation Series.  The Boulder Creek Cemetary was the 2nd cemetary investigation that has been done but we are still reviewing and analyzing before we can post the results.  I have posted a few pics of the cemetary under the tab PICS for anyone that may want to view them.

 We will do a follow-up on most if not all the cemetaries after we complete the first round, merely to see if we get different results at any of the locations we visit, or if it will be the same exact results as the first go round. All 15 of the cemetaries we will visit are in Santa Cruz, County. Some are large such as the Evergreen but others may be much smaller, like the one in Boulder Creek.

 We will continue to post updates about our investigation, cemetary by cemetary, until we have completed the Series. If any evidence is gathered at any location, we will post it so you might have an opportunity to draw your own conclusions as to whether you think any of the locations show any paranormal activity of any kind. If your conclusions differ from ours, we'd like to encourage you to email us with the conclusion you reached and why you reached it, if you wouldn't mind. In our opinion, you  can never have too many people sharing their conclusions with us simply because we really don't know what we will find, if anything.

 Well, we hope you will enjoy following the series on cemetaries. The Bulletin tab will keep you apprised at a glance, of new investigations, updates, articles, pics, videos and any other posting we do, along with the date of posting so you can find something you want to see in a moment without having to go though page after page trying to find what you are looking for.

Evergreen Cemetary

Evergreen Cemetary

FEBRUARY 18, 2020



 We had a new investigation on one of the 15 cemetaries we plan to investigate, last night, Feb. 17. Only two investigators went as it is a very small cemetary. There was not a whole lot of action but there were a couple of orbs that were captured in a few pics and we will be posting those when we finish reviewing all the evidence collected. They were one above the other and in less than a second were caught on camera going across the bottom of a few pics. They moved together in unison. Very interesting. We are looking to see if they can be  debunked and as soon as we know you will know. 

 Please keep watching the Bulletin to let you know when the new UPDATES are out.

FEBRUARY 12, 2020


 In reviewing the captured data from the Woods Investigation, it has come as a little bit of a surprise how much interaction there was between our investigators and the spirits that seem to be occupying the Woods home. Already we are rereviewing 99 EVP's and that's not even all the ones we have. There has been intelligent conversation with answers to questions asked by our investigators, one of our investigators called by name three times, a spirit or shadow spirit seen in a mirror, a spirit named Mary who died in the home in the past, and spirits that have indicated they like the Woods being there and do not want to harm them or leave them or want them to leave.

 I just was so amazed that I had to share a little of this with you but we still aren't actually done with the reviewing but as soon as we possibly can we will be posting evidence gathered in the form of audio, video, pics, or EVP's. We hope you won't mind waiting too much just for us to validate our findings.

FEBRUARY 8, 2020


 PHPR investigators went out tonight to the home of Randy and Sherry Woods. Sherri claims there has been paranormal activity there for the last five years and this is validated by her son, Jason.

 Although we have not yet reviewed the findings there from tonight, I can tell you that preliminary reports suggusts there was activity of some kind.

 We will review those findings and bring you the results of the reviews shortly.


FEBRUARY 1, 2020


 Saturday, Feb. 8, PHPR will do a prelimanary investigation at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wood, in Monterey County. I am sorry I can not be more specific that that at this time. The Woods are worried that if the town they live in was mentioned here, along with their name, someone would know them and they perfer no one come over to compromise the investigation.

 I can only tell you a little at this time as I also do not wish to compromise the investigation at this point. What I can tell you is that along with the Woods, is Mrs. Woods brother and his 6 yr. old daughter and the Woods grown son, all live in the same place together. While Mr. Woods is skeptical, he does admit that some off the wall things that  he has no explanation for have happened, but he is a non-believer in the paranormal so looks for a reasonable explanation. I have not spoke with the 6 year old, perferring not to cause her to worry or be scared because she is not really aware of what is going on. Both Mrs. Woods and her son tell me that the home definately has a spirit, which they say is mischievous but not evil. They are not looking to take any action to cleanse the home after the investigation at this point. Right now they are just looking for someone to validate what they say is there. I have not yet spoken with Mrs. Woods brother, but hope to do so in the next day or two.

 Mrs. Woods says the action from the ghost takes place in her bedroom only, as far as shek nows but her son says it's more active in the rest of the home than she is aware of. I am not repeating his story at this time so as not to worry his mother with stories she is not yet aware of.

 We will have between 4 to 6 investigators as this locaton is fairly large. Two to work outside and four to work inside. We are also going to take a idea from HOW TO HUNT GHOSTS by Joshua P Warren. In his book, Mr. Warren talks about whether the family should be gone from the home during the investigation or should they stay at the location. He makes a very good point when he says that in his opinion, the people whose home is being investigated should probably be there, doing what they normally do, if the ghost has interacted with them. He says that if a ghost is haunting a location and he's actually haunting the people that live there by making them aware of its presence, then it would stand to reason that the best chance of having a paranormal experience in that situation would be for things to go on as they do every other day. He says if the people are gone and the lights off etc., there is less chance of having an encounter with the ghost than if things are as they normally would be. He thinks that if they usually watch tv until 10:00 and then go to bed that they should be doing exactly that for best results in the investigation. He makes the point that the ghost might be unwilling to act without things being normal to it. He also does say that the people should not be interacting with the investigators in any way. It should go as if they are as they are every other night.

 Since that makes a lot of sense, we are going to take that idea and use it for this investigation.

 We will let you know how that works out along with the results of the investigation as soon as we can after we have reviewed all evidence gathered and feel that we have completed phase 1 of our investigation.

JANUARY 9, 2020


 In, 1982, Ben Lomond had more rain than it could handle. Instead of cars driving down the streets, locals had boats out paddling or motorboating through the streets. The constant rain resulted in a huge mudslide up on Love Creek which took out an entire neighborhood. There were several deaths attributed to this mudslide, including two young boys who were in their bedroom in their home. 

 As the parents and a younger child sat in the living room, suddenly a torrent of mud came through their house, taking everything except one wall, including the family. The two young boys in the bedroom were never found and a memorial was created for them across the street from where the slide ended up stopping. For over 30 years people came to this memorial and left toys, coins, whatever they had in their pockets for the children. People talked of how they felt something in the air around the memorial and across the street where piles of mud lay burying everything it had brought down from the mountains, leaving only bits and pieces to be found of homes that were completely gone or covered under the mud.

 Two of our investigators decided to go to the memorial and see if our granddaughter could connect with the boys. She definately was able to make connection and actually was there with the boys for about 45 minutes interacting. As we are having trouble again downloading our videos on her, We will be working with our editor to fix the problem with posting the videos again, so thank you for  remaining patient.

 Although our granddaughter has since visited the Memorial, she has not be en able to reconnect with what we believe to be the spirits of the  two young boys who were buried alive here.

 Sadly, the last time our granddaughter went back to visit Trevor and Kelly the memorial had been taken down. The toys were gone, the sign telling us who they were is gone, there are only a couple of reminders laying around that shows there was even anything there.In our memories and our hearts though, the boys story lives on and maybe someday, if they haven;t already the boys will find peace, maybe even meet up with their parents and brother one day.

 For now it seems those answers are lost to us. Maybe someday we will find the answers we seek to this and many more questions, but for now, we just keep gathering information for documentation and further research.

 Be at peace, Trevor and Kelly.  With that being said, I will go work on downloading those videos. I will get them to you as soon as possible. Thank you for your continued patience.

The PHPR Team 

Flanders Mansion EVP of "Barry did it" at normal speed.

EVP slowed down to 1/2 normal speed to get a clear audio.

Listen to the voice saying "ME" when asked who moved the cone.

Listen closely right after our investigator ask who put the cone in front of the truck. A male voice says "BARRY DID IT".


JANUARY 1, 2020



 The Flanders Mansion was built in the early 1920's for Paul and Grace Flanders. It was completed in 1925 at a total cost of $17,500. This was the Flanders private home, and they loved to entertain there.

 The Flanders had only one child, named Barry. Barry died at 11 years of age He is buried at the El Encinal Cemetary in Monterey. Grace Flanders, his Mother, is buried next to him.

 It is said that Barry haunts his own home, and here are some videos and audios that seem to confirm that theory. If you listen closely, you will hear Barry's name when asked who moved the cone from in front of the truck and a second time only moments later when another voice says "Barry did it".

 To finish the text about Flanders Mansion anyway, a woman by the name of Tiffany claims she lived in the house in the late 1980's to the early 1990's. She says, while she has some good memories there, she also has some very scary ones and states that the house is Haunted!!

 The city of Carmel presently owns Flanders Mansion. There is a Flanders Foundation who is trying to find ways to raise the money to take care of the mansion but so far, it's anyone's guess what will happen to it.

NOVEMBER 20, 2019


We told you yesterday that we could not show you the video of the BONHAM HOME but did say we would try to find some still photos. Below is a pic of the sls camera being held by a PHPR investigator. One of the figures, the smaller guy in the background is a PHPR investigator. The tall fellow in the front is one of the 6 spirits we communicated with in the home and this still is of him interacting with our investigator. We are trying to pull more pics out, but still cannot show the videos. We are sorry for this. But if we can pull anything else out that can be printed we will bring it to you here.

NOVEMBER 20, 2019


 PHPR investigators concluded their investigation of the Bonham Home. It was felt that it was out of our realm and we must try to help the lady and her son there find someone who knows how to deal with demons.

 At the Bonham Home, there were no less than 6 intelligent spirits communicating with our investigators AND there was a demon and a portal! 

 Because of the state of the home PHPR has decided not to show the video we captured but we will try to find some stills we might be able to release without showing any of the actual home. We are sorry for this, but the reasons are sound and are to protect the ones living there, if we possibly can.

 Our Medium made contact with the demon at one point, but quickly shut down the communication and left. She was overwhelmed by what she faced that night at the Bonham home. In fact no one expected to find the things they did. Our investigators were excited at first but then extreme sadness overwhelmed one of our investigators and she began to cry. She felt she had to get out of there immediately. The other investigators soon followed.

 It is believed that the home needs to be cleansed and blessed, the demon removed, the portal closed forever, the people at the house need to have prayers of protection said over them and maybe they might need more than that. 

The Bonham Investigation has been concluded and the final decision was to turn the people to their church, which we did. It is our understanding that the church said prayers for protection and blessings on the Bonhams. The church went to the house but we do not know what happened from there. We do know that the Bonhams have packed up and moved about 350 miles away and just want to find peace in their lives now

NOVEMBER 12, 2019


 On their investigation, last night, at the Bonham home, PHPR investigators were surprised to find at least 6 spirits there and one of them not a very nice one. Our medium spoke with these spirits as did our investigators. We will have video and audio for you as soon as we finish reviewing it.

 According to our medium there were the spirits of the father, sister and even a dog and a cat belonging to the lady who lives there. It was said that the Father of this lady was there to protect her from evil spirits. The other spirits were not known but she also spoke with them.

 After approxiamately three hours of investigating the home, PHPR investigators had gotten enough evidence that they wanted to leave and review what they had recorded. 

 PHPR will do one follow up investigation within the next two weeks to see if they can validate what they recieved last night or if it will be all together different spirits, if any, that they capture the second time around.

 Watch for the videos and audios from this investigation to be posted here on our website.

NOVEMBER 10, 2019


 As I am writing this, our PHPR investigators and a Medium are going to investigate a house in Scotts Valley, Ca. 

 At this residence, a young man claims there is a spirit upstairs in a bedroom and he is scared to death. He kept telling his mom to call a paranormal team in to investigate. He told her repeatedly until she finally contacted PHPR that it was bad, a very bad spirit. He would not go up the stairs until the door to the room was shut. He has a bedroom near that room but seems to think the spirit is locked in that room and can't get out unless the door is opened.

 The young man has also claimed that there is a playful ghost in the bathroom that touches him on the shoulder and pulls his hair gently, but says it is a friendly ghost and has been there since they lived there.

 His Mother also claims to have witnessed the bathroom spirit and also claims that in the kitchen a glass flew out of closed doors across the room and broke and no one was in the kitchen.

 Because of the youmg man's fear we have put his case as priority .

 We will let you know if we get any evidence of a haunting or any communication with a spirit as soon as the investigators and Medium have given their accounts of their investigation up to be reviewed. Watch for the conclusion of this investigation.

OCTOBER 20, 2019


 Pink House Paranormal  Research conducted a follow-up investigation last night at the Busick Residence. We honestly were expecting to close the case with that investigation as the first one had given us a little, but it wasn't enough we thought , to continue the investigation. However, last night, gave us a perfect EVP, a fellow by the name of Moe. Add to that was a very impressive 30 minute long session with the SLS camera which kept us hopping with not one but two images. We wll be posting the EVP as soon as we have reviewed all the data we collected so you can hear it for yourself. With the data collected last night we are actually thinking about doing one more follow-up to see if we can communicate further with "MOE". We will let you know if we are going to do another follow up and when as soon as we have made that determination. We will aso post our findings besides that for your review if you so desire. Video of Busick Investigation under VIDEOS AND AUDIOS

 Mrs. Busick continues to see apparitions and hear footsteps and voices although she cannot make out the words. It has her a little unsettled and she wishes for us to come back again.

 It is indeed one of our priorities to make sure we have done a thorough job and are able to issue a final conclusion. Once we have done a follow-up investigation, we would normally make a conclusion with the data we have collected.  Yet we do not want to give a mistaken opinion so in this case, once our investigators have reviewed all the material, the team will discuss returning once more or not. At that time we will make our decision public.

 Keep watching for further updates.

JANUARY 17, 2020

 It looks like we will be doing another investigation at the Busick Home by request. We will bring you the results as soon as we have them.

AUGUST 27, 2019



 On July 13, 2019, PHPR investigators set out to investigate a location that people claim has been haunted daily for years. The client was hearing crying when no one  was there, apparitions, doors slamming, books flying off shelves, the clients daughter being held by some force, unable to break away, a dark menacing black mass in the corner of a room, orbs and talking in another room, and there was more!

 When PHPR first heard from the client, and conducted an initial interview and decided to accept the request from our client, which was to investigate, gather evidence of paranormal activity,and give him our opinion whether him and his family were really having  all of the experiences or....................? , we were intrigued.

 We interviewed our client for purposes of full disclosure of his experiences and we even were able to get the wife and daughters experiences also. There was such an excess of paranormal activity on a daily basis that we were a little skeptical. When we were told that professionals, such as the couple from The Dead Files had inquired about doing an investigation and our client had turned them down, the idea that they would allow a virtually unknown group to investigate the claims of our client was surprising.We quickly found out that our client wanted just that..a virtually unknown group because he needs to remain out of any spotlight. In short, he just wanted verification, no action, no advice or trying to help a spirit move on, just someone to support what he and his family were experiencing was real. We agreed to everything he ask for and the date was set.

 PHPR Team Investigators set out with a group of 8 people. They arrived at the location and met the client and toured the property. It is unfortunate perhaps that our client accompanied our investigators and shared every experience him or his family had had and showing points of interest that certainly were indicative of what he was claiming. While our client is an incrediblly interesting and transparent honest man, his presence and his commentary distracted our investigators from being able to do a proper investigation . It was our mistake for not realizing the whole concept behind conducting an investigation, is to enter open minded, with no preconceived thoughts clouding our brain with the objective of gathering any kind of possible paranormal activity we could, recording it if possible, for documentation and research, and having actual paranormal experiences ourselves. Instead we were so interested in hearing of our clients experiences that we did a lot more listening and talking than we did investigating. Even so, our investigators were able to capture, record and acknowledge the presence of at least three entities. One, a boy named Erik, another, a girl named Sara and one simply asked,"HELP ME" in a little child's voice .

 Our medium identified a portal in a mirror near where the dark mass had been and advised our client what he could do to close that portal and possibly send back any kind of negative energy that might otherwise enter if the portal were left as it was. Our client politely thanked her but said they did not want to remove the mirror even as he acknowledged he had suspected there was a portal in his home. As our Medium and another investigator, K.M. continued through the house, she encountered a girl named Sara. K.M. says she witnessed the communication between "Sara" and our Medium. We know only that Sara was a young woman who was thrown out of a moving car by her boyfriend and killed. Her body was found somewhere near or on the land our client owns. Ironically enough, the boyfriend who had thrown Sara from the car was himself killed in a car accident 20 years later. His spirit is not with Sara's spirit. According to Investigator K.M., who was with our Medium as she made connection to Sara, it was about 20 minutes of communicating between the Medium and Sara.

 Another piece of possible paranormal activity was caught on the SLS Camera. The SLS mapped out our Medium. Suddenly there appeared two figures of unknown origin on the camera screen with the Medium. When asked to put their hand on our Medium's shoulder, a 4th figure appeared, put it's hand on her shoulder and then within less than 5 seconds, the figures disappeared leaving only G.A., our Medium outlined on the screen.

 One other thing that occured was with Investigator B.R. who was downstairs with our client. At one point in the laundry room, the lights were turned on then off with no one near any light switch.

 After reviewing the audio and video that was captured, and getting everyone's thoughts down on their findings, I decided to approach the owner, our client. I wanted to explain to him why the investigation should be done in a certain way, without him being involved.

 I explained that the best way to conduct an investigation was to have teams of 2 people covering different areas and areas that could not be covered by people should be set up with a audio and video camcorder, set to on and allowed to run freely while the investigation went on elsewhere. You don't want to miss anything that might be paranormal activity, so be prepared to spend time going through lots of video that will probably not show much, but in that instant when something does occur, it's worth all the time you spent reviewing tape that gave you nothing to have that instant caught on camera.

 I further explained that spirits want to communicate with us and given the right circumstances we might establish contact with them. It takes a lot of energy for a spirit to be able to communicate with us so don't expect them to waste that energy trying to connect when there is a lot of talking  over each other, and they can't establish a clear line. They need to feel safe when they try to connect with us and they would want to be heard. Quiet on an investigation is pretty essential after asking a spirit a question if you want to get an answer.

 I further told him that because of what was captured by our team of Investigators, we did believe there was paranormal activity to be documented, and our Team did feel there was a very heavy energy there, and felt that by doing another investigation in a very proper manner that we could have a very good opportunity to capture paranormal activity on camera.  I asked if our client would be willing to allow us to conduct an investigation, without him being there, as a follow-up to our first investigation. He said he would love it if we were to reinvestigate. I have sent him three different dates during the next couple of months and asked him to choose one. At that time, we will endeavor to do an indepth, proper, serious investigation and see if we can get anything worth documenting. If there are truly a lot of spirits there, our chances of making a connection are excellent.

 We will let you know when the new investigation is coming up. If you have any questions or comments please email me at debbiereed.phpr@yahoo.com or reply here in our comment section. There are videos and audios on our VIDEO AND AUDIO page pertaining to this investigation

TOMBSTONE                                                   JUNE 24, 2019

 Tim, (owner of Pink House Paranormal Research (PHPR), took a trip to Tombstone, as you can see in the photos below. First one is Tombstone, second one is Tim.  One of his first thoughts was that Tombstone seemed frozen in time and his next thought was he felt a lot of energy just in the town itself.

Tim at Tombstone

Tim at Tombstone

Tim in Tombstone

Tim in Tombstone

 There was a fire that burned a good part of downtown. The fire burned what was known as The Grand Hotel, but the basement was untouched. Today's bar, known as Big Nose Kate's, was originally the lobby of the Grand Hotel, and the bar was actually in the basement. There is also a spiral  stairway called THE SHAFT and you will soon see why. So you go downstairs, through the swinging double doors and you will be looking at where the bar of the Grand Hotel was. Much of the wood is original. 

Swinging doors to old lobby of the Grand Hotel.  (see the orbs?)

Swinging doors to old lobby of the Grand Hotel. (see the orbs?)

 I wonder how many of you caught the 3-4 orbs in that last pic. Ok, so to go on and explain THE SHAFT stairway. Walk through the double doors, and approx. 15 feet or so to the left was a dumpy little rat hole and that is where the stairway went, all the way down in that room to a shaft that led to the mine tunnels which covered approx. 300 miles underneath the town of Tombstone.

 There was a man called The Swamper who lived in that room. No one but him ever went down there so no one was aware that he had been digging a shaft into the silver mine until the day they discovered him gone. A group of people were curious and went to his room to see where he was and why he hadn't been seen in a couple of days. All they found was The Swamper’s mine shaft and no sign of him. To this day no one knows what happened to The Swamper.

 So, remember the orbs in front of the stairway, well there's more by the swinging doors, or so the lady from the gift shop told Tim. She said people always saw orbs there and got photos every day. That lady is the one who told us about Swamper the ghost. So Tim brought out his camera and sure enough there were the orbs just like the lady had said.

 During the video Tim shot, the same view as the pic above, Tim felt that there was a reflection or a lens flair, because of the way the orbs moved in the video. They stood still unless he was moving his camera and then they would move with the camera in the same direction as the camera. Tim could not find a source for the blue orbs however. He still believes it must be from a reflection somewhere. DEBUNKED!

 While in Tombstone back in the 1800's, people made their own justice sometimes. A angry mob or just a guilty verdict could bring about Tombstone Justice.

 Violence ran rampant in Tombstone in those days. It could be that there are more than just The Swamper as a ghost. In the fight at the OK Corral, three men were shot and killed. Whether they deserved to die or not is not for me to judge, but I can imagine their ghosts there where they were slain still waiting to catch the Earp's in a position where the Cowboy's could shoot and kill them.  Unfortunately for them, that is not how things ended at the OK Corral that day. The pic below pictures the graves of the three men slain that day..

BootHill Cemetary

BootHill Cemetary



 The local Tombstone newspaper, The Epitaph, ran the story of the fight at the OK CORRAL. The people of the town were divided about the fight. Some supported the law, others, The Cowboys.

 Whatever the story is, it's entirely possible there are ghosts there. The three men slain at the OK CORRAL, The Swamper, the Men who were lynched, and probably many more. 

 Tim found no ghosts. He did get the pics of the orbs that some believe are spirits, but Tim is not so sure. He debunked the orbs, but he continued feeling a extra heavy energy inside the town. He wants to go back and do a thorough investigation another time. If anyone else has went there and found evidence of ghosts, please share it with us on our website www.pinkhouseparanormal.com or email us at phpr@yahoo.com. Thank-you. I leave you with a copy of the newspaper the day after the gunfight at the OK CORRAL.


 Ok, less than two weeks to go until our investigation. We are really excited. We have been doing a lot to be ready for this investigation. We have researched the property, the owners, the previous owners, neighbors, and think we are pretty aware of the facts there. We have talked with the client who continues to say there is paranormal activity going on. We have selected our crew, put together our questions, filled out forms and got signatures. We have made a plan of action such as who’s with who and who has what equipment and what job. We have talked with our crew and believe we are all on one page. So I think we are about as ready as we are going to be. Now it's a matter of listening to the last of the stories people have to tell us, putting facts we have been told in place in the household so we are aware of the location of the activities in the house where they were said to occur. Even while we have been working this job, we have spoken to another man in Felton who has a home he claims to have paranormal activity also and has even told us of a old theatre that is said to be haunted. We are looking forward to doing those investigations also. We will be sure to post our conclusions for all who are interested.

THREE WEEKS TO GO!                                             5-31-19

 As the days go by, I find that the time to actually do our hands on full investigation to the house in Felton, is going very quickly. There doesn't seem to be an end to the stories that are being related to me by members of the family and now by a friend of the family. One even that I didn't search out, but he came to me. Well, actually, he emailed me and then called me at my invitation to do so. He also wants his name withheld for personal reasons and so of course we will honor his wish.

 He came to me after being told by a neighbor of the house we are going to investigate, that we were doing an investigation and were looking for people who had been there, seen and heard things that couldn't be explained, and even experienced something on his own. I have not had a chance to ask our client about this friend who came to me which I want to do before sitting down to interview this friend, just to make sure he is who he claims he is. However I do look forward to hearing what he has to say and finding out why he decided to approach us with information, although I do appreciate that he did. I will keep our viewers as up to date as possible as we go along with this investigation, in case anyone has anything to input that might help us along.

 So far, we have verified the different owners of the property we are investigating throughout the years, along with the date the house was built and then rebuilt and who had done what building throughout the years. We have researched and verified the property bounderies and talked to two of the neighbors so far. I want to talk next to the closest neighbors, who happened to be the owners of the property when the woman died in the living room and was buried in the yard. They are also the family that owned and sold the property to the current owners who are our clients. We found out that when our client bought the property, they were never told that anyone had died in the home although it is required by law to disclose that kind of info prior to selling the property. We have verified that the Sheriffs office have frequently found bodies or parts of bodies close to the property we are investigating but those bodies were not found on our clients property but very close to it. We verified that there was a logging company that was close by where deaths had occurred over the years and that there was a very good chance that those deaths were probably work related at the time. If anyone has any suggestions as to what other research areas we can explore that we haven't mentioned here we would appreciate any suggestions that would help us do the best possible pre investigative work, those suggestions would certainly be put to good use.

 For now that is the extent of our progress to date, although we have not included personal or private information that we have promised to keep confidential. We will continue to post our progress for our viewers on the off chance that someone may have valuable suggestions for us that we have overlooked.


 We are researching for our upcoming investigation for what I have called The Most Haunted House In Felton. After doing our interview with the owners, we definately believe we have cause to do an investigation. So we have started with finding out the history of the property, the first people that lived there, the family who buried the woman of the home in the back yard after she passed away with cancer, the current tenants, the family, and the neighbors. We have taken photos that show a discloration on the wall that our Medium had told us about and she's never even been there. We have stories, lots of them about the amount of spirits there and a heaviness lays over it all when you enter the home and when you leave you almost leave it there. I say almost because it felt that I didn't leave everything when I left there. I tried to explain it to my husband but I could barely understand it myself. It just seemed like a black or dark cloud was with us on the way home. But although that feeling is gone now, the feeling lingers in my mind. In trying to rationalize everything I try to figure out why anyone would turn the Dead Files away from  going there and yet allow us to go there. After meeting the owners, I believe that the owner has something he wants to hide. Our Medium seems to believe that maybe he thinks Amy will see what he is trying to hide. That's very possible. Maybe he thinks we don't have the ability to read him but I think he may have bit off more than he was ready for. It actually seems that we may be going into something bigger than we really want to deal with. But we can and we will deal with anything that we walk into . However anything that anyone knows and shares could be a big help to us. There are many who have been to this house and claimed it to be haunted. Hopefully one of those is reading this tonight or tomorrow and recognizes where we are talking about. Anyone who does and calls or email us to share that info could be helping us get to the bottom of this whole investigation. So if you do have info or suggestions please email me at dreed.phpr@yahoo.com. Your identity would be kept confidential of course but your help could be invaluable. We have other avenues to explore but we hope someone steps forward to help us. Thank you


 Two of our team members went on an investigation to Love Creek, in Ben Lomond, Ca. a little while back. Brooke is only 11 years old but she is not a normal 11 year old. She is an old soul, one who has surely been here before. She has an understanding far beyond her years.

 In 1982, Love Creek was just another neighborhood in Ben Lomond, until the rains came. Then one day the mountain slid down the entire neighborhood, wiping out homes and killing several people. To this day, Love Creek is a memory, all traces of a neighborhood wiped away in a flood of mud and time.

 Two of the people lost that day, were two little boys and their bodies were never recovered. There is a memorial on the side of the road across the street from where the sea of mud washed away those homes. It was to that area that Tim and Brooke went one day. 

 For a long time they sat and talked and tried to coax out the spirits of those two small boys. They were using their video camera, a K2 Meter, and a spirit box. They got nothing over the spirit box the entire time. After being there for a while, Brooke grabbed the K2 Meter and started asking questions to the boys. At first they got nothing but suddenly, the K2 Meter started lighting up past 20mg, in response to Brooke asking questions. As they moved closer to the street, Tim noticed the power lines overhead and at that point he told Brooke they had power lines overhead. At that point, they walked around and under the power lines but could get no readings. They then walked deep into the Memorial where there were no power lines and again Brooke started asking questions. There is a video of Brookes interaction with the boys on the first page of our website. Please go there and view for yourselfs so you may judge for yourselfs the success of this investigation.  You can clearly see in the video where it appears that Brooke is interacting with those boys spirits. All in all they spent a couple of hours at the sight and although Tim never got any responses, Brooke interacted with the boys for a solid 15-20 minutes, most of which you can see on the video.

 Three days later, Tim and Brooke returned to the scene, but could get nothing on any of the equipment and once more after that, Brooke returned but her mother was pretty weirded out about it and told Brooke it was time to go. So while it's possible that power lines might have been responsible for the K2 Meter going off when Brooke was interacting with the boys, the fact that it did not go off any other time while under the power lines make that a riddle we haven't been able to answer. For Brook's part, she states and believes 100%, as does Tim, that she connected with the boys spirits. I also believe she did from just listening to them tell me the story when they got home. You judge what you think. 


 We have been trying to get into the Brookdale Lodge in Brookdale, California for a little bit now. We finally got permission to investigate as much as we want....OUTSIDE! Wow! Well, after a little back and forth between the Lodge manager and PHPR, the manager added that we could of course, investigate the dining room, lobby, bathroom and bar also. Unfortunately, some of the undergroud rooms no one can go into because of unsafe conditions and ongoing construction. We look forward to going back for those areas as soon as we are allowed to.

 We went ahead and went for a short 3+ hours doing a little lightweight investigating. We went all around outside, upstairs and downstairs, outside the rooms and even across the highway where the bordello is rumored to have been. We also spent a little time inside in the lobby, the dining room, the bathrooms and the bar.

 We got a lot of EMF readings while we were wandering around, both inside and out. They measured anywhere from 5, 6, and 7 all the way up to 18, 19 and 20mg on our K2 meter. The strongest ones, strangely enough, came from the building across the highway that is referred to as the bordello for the Lodge.

 We still have to go back, this week or next, whichever is more convenient for them, and do a thorough investigation on those same areas to try and make contact with a spirit if there are any there to contact.

 Keep watching our website for the updated detailed investigation. We are still carefully going through the recorder and if we get anything to post, we will do so, for your enjoyment.

 If you are experiencing paranormal activity and would like to know more about it, or want it gone, email us at: info@phpr@yahoo.com .We have modern tools, technique, and experience.

Perhaps we can help.