October 31, 2022


In 2019, PHPR told their readers that they were going to do a minimum of 13 cemeteries to try to find out if cemeteries are haunted. We have completed those 13 cemeteries now. We will be posting a page named CEMETERIES which will have pics of some of the cemeteries we investigated. Right now, I just wanted to tell you our conclusion of cemeteries.

It makes sense if you are a thrill seeker, looking for spirits in the most likely place you can think of, a cemetery. However, if you really think hard on the subject, you just might start to question that assumption. After all, why would a spirit hang out where their remains have been buried or whatever may be the case. 

It is assummed by most paranormal seekers that a persons spirit would be staying close to a place they loved when they were still here on earth, such as their home, or that maybe if they died a violent sudden death maybe the spirit would be at the location it died at, because they are confused, angry, lost etc., and then there are the spirits who are thought to be close to someone they love because they are there to protect them. Then of course there are those that swear paranormal activity at a gravesight happened in front of their eyes.

We have no cause to think anyone who has had a paranormal experience would tell a lie about it. You can generally tell when a person is sincere in their telling of a story or not. Since the paranormal world is not a proven thing according to scientific guidelines, there exists only what people have experienced and shared through videos, audios, pics, or just retelling a story that happened to them.

Having said that, PHPR does take the stand that paranormal activity is real and that there are cases where people have witnessed it occuring. We are part of that set of people. We lived in an extremely negative haunted house that terrorized our family for two years. We experienced paranormal activity, every day to some level, even if it was just the negativity in the house. That is where our interest in the paranormal first began. You can not deny something you live with day after day. Sometimes we thought we would never make it out of there, and truly, it was a battle that we won, but not without some scars.

So, we thought, Let's see if cemeteries are haunted. I mean it makes sense, right? Every one knows how spooky a cemetery can appear, especially old rundown ones. So we started getting permission to investigate some of them. What we have found is interesting, at least to our minds.

Every cemetery we visited, old, new, rundown, kept up, had almost the same feelings whether the people there were buried or cremented. PHPR believes cemeteries are for the most part very peaceful. Not once, in any of the cemeteries our team visited, was there a ghost to be found. That's not to say we didn't catch any action at all. At one cemetery we caught a couple of entities on the SLS Camera, but not on any other piece of equipment. No spirits spoke to us, tried to scare us or attached themselves to us. Every one, without exception, was peaceful and serene and if there were spirits around they wanted to stay unknown and unbothered and we respected their wishes.

The video we captured with the entities on the SLS camera, we will be posting when we post about cemeteries. We are still reviewing our videos and audios and do not want to speak to soon, but we have come to our conclusion as we posted above. Our investigations of cemeteries may continue if we come upon one we did not expect to, but we doubt it. Mostly, our minds are satisfied with our findings.

We realize that lots of paranormal seekers have stories of hauntings in cemeteries and we are not disputing that. Maybe they did have a paranormal experience in a cemetery. Most likely though, if they did, it was more than likely a figment of their overactive imagination or of their fear of what they might find. We really do not believe spirits are hanging out with their rotted bodies buried in the ground or their cremated ashes in an urn. If spirits are around, they are most likely roaming the earth looking for answers as to why they are spirits and not in heaven or hell. Are they in limbo then? We are trying to find the answers to any questions we have pertaining to the paranrmal world. Unfortunately science requires scientific proof before they will credit it as a real thing. Scientific proof means being able to recreate something over and over and over again and end up with the same result everytime. Well, that creates a problem for people. People want to know for sure. So, we do what we can, investigate where we are wanted, look for answers everywhere we might find any, and then post our results to share with you.

So, watch for our CEMETERIES page, coming soon, to see what we saw when we visited them. Only, try to use reason when thinking of the paranormal and reason pretty much says spirits probably don't hang out in their final resting place too often. If they did, they would be resting, not haunting.


PHPR recently investigated the San Francisco Columbarium. In preparing for our investigation, we dug up a lot of information about it's history,

Appears that from 1910-1940, over 40,000 thousand deceased were dug up and relocated. It was the famaily's  responsibility to pay for this relocation. Many people simply couldn't afford the money for another burial. Those deceased ended up buried in mass graves.

Doesn't it stand to reason that if there are spirits out there and they were dug up from their final resting spot and relocated for no better reason than a city wanted the land, there would be some pissed off spirits, and those spirits would be looking for their final resting spot, you know their original burial plot?

So, this seems like a situation that would bring out some kind of paranormal activity. Those spirits of those people relocated are sure to be wanting to kick some butt! Seems to me the perfect situation to get a spirits attention. If they was ever going to interact with us, this would be the time. If it were you, wouldn't you want to come back and haunt the people who live where you used to be buried. Especially those unknown souls buried in mass graves. I can't see a lot of spirits staying together in the same grave. But, we're assumming that if a body is relocated, that the bodies soul, it's spirit, relocates with it.

Now this could become very complicated. We don't actually know the answers to where the spirit goes and if it's able to interact with us. We don't know if spirits roam or if they stay where their body died, or maybe where they are buried, or wait, maybe in their home here on earth, or wait maybe they are just inhabiting some strange home for no other reason than that's where they choose to be. It all seems so simple to think a body dies, the spirit leaves the dead body and either goes on to heaven or hell or stay in limbo being a ghost. But, where does a spirit really go? What powers does a spirit really have? Are they able to logically realize what they do on a paranormal level? Do they actually try to interact with us? Well that's obviously the reason people are trying to communicate with them. So we can get answers. 

So far, to date, there is NO actural proof of spirits, ghost, paranormal activity etc. If they are out there, why can't we get just one little iota of proof? If our spirits are hanging around where they were buried and we relocated them, how would their spirit find them. Would their spirit even be who they once were? It's possible that our spirit lives on after we die, but if it does and our bodies are no longer there for them to live in, shouldn't their final resting place actually be their final resting place? We should leave the deceased alone after we lay them to rest. We should care enough not to disturb a resting soul. Shouldn't we? 

JUNE 10, 2022


PHPR'S  investigating team has been on a mission to find the answers to the question of paranormal activity-real or a figment of our over acting minds.

Each of the investigators at PHPR have had experiences with the paranormal of one kind or another. It has raised questions in our minds of how to prove that what we have already experienced can help others  so they can also benefit from the answers we have found.

There are always more questions than answers it seems. We have captured sls images, clear audio out of nowhere, communicated with some spirits, although we were always told to "GET OUT" or "GET OUT OF MY HOUSE". We have had a couple of experiences where we had asked the names of a spirit and got those names back clearly and thankfully those have been captured on audio recordings. We have experienced extreme cold spots in an otherwise warm location that we could find no explanation for at all. Our SLS recordings have been plentiful and found in several locations. In fact, in our own home, we have an ongoing investigation because we capture figures in our own home and rather frequently. They even seem to be the same figures appearing over and over for the last three years. Oh, they are not always present, which we find interesting, but definately they are around alot. From these spirits we feel no threats, at least so far. These sls recordings and audio recordings cn be found in our pages of pics and videos, here on the website.

So, we continue to investigate. We go to places investigated by others, sometimes very well known haunted places, sometimes a little more obscure. We do places that have never been investigated. We document everything, trying to find answers to the questions we have. Questions like..."Are ghosts real", or "Can a person actually communicate with a spirit", or "Can we help a spirit move on to the light who seems to be unable to find their way" or even "Is there life after death",and so many more. We want to know if a spirit or a ghost stays in the location where they died, or where they lived. We want to know if they can move from place to place or do they just haunt the place they died.

We all have basically the same thoughts on these questions but of course we have thoughts about this that are different from each other too, like, I wonder if the spirits we see are spirits from hell. I wonder this because it always seem that when people see a spirit or a ghost and they describe what they saw, it always seems to be something scary, or evil. For instance, every spirit or ghost we see on paranormal shows are pretty scary. They have ugly teeth, huge empty eye sockets, or huge black or red eyes. They are dressed in filthy rags usually and even if their clothes aren't exactly in rags, they are dirty and show lots of wear and tear. Could it be that the spirits or ghosts we are seeing are those people cast into hell and doomed to wonder the earth forever as ghosts.

On the other hand, people have seen or felt the presence of angels. They are clean and normal looking although some reportedly have wings on their back. But they are not portrayed the same as spirits and ghosts, nor are they threatening, screaming or trying to attach to us. They represent good, they represent someone watching over you to keep you safe from harm. They represent what is good and give protection.

Why is one considered paranormal, the other considered Godly. Why are the spirits that seem evil portrayed like that? Why are angels portrayed as protective, and good? Is one or both of these real? How do they come to be?

It seems it will be a lifetime of searching for the answers to those questions and many others. PHPR investigators are dedicated to continue investigating places that are thought to be haunted in an effort to find proof that the paranormal is real, that spirits and ghosts do exist. We have no thoughts of stopping our search for the answers t these questions, but I'm not sure a lifetime would be enough time for us or anyoe else to find actual proof that we can share with you of the exisance of the paranormal.

So we hope you tag along with us as we do the search. Your comments and reactions are always welcome so please feel free to contact us. Your stories are also very welcome and we will post anyting the public wants to write us about if they have a ghost story to share. 
Our investigating evidence and reports are available here on our website for you to view if you are so inclined. We hope we have got your interest as we continue searching for those answers, and we hope to be able to collect and document proof that everyone will be able to view. We will not quit our searches, that's for sure. So pleaqse, feel free to follow our website and our investigations as we continue forward. Please send comments and or ideals or email us if you would like to. Of course, if anyone out there has a story to tell, we would love to post it on our website with your permission of course. So until next time, we are on the move.

                                             SEPTEMBER 2, 2021


There are many things that could explain the existance of ghosts, although unfortunately, these things are not scientifically proven so far. These explanations have risen from the curiosity of humans and their unstoppable need to understand all they encounter. It continues to be one area however that defies efforts to get scientific proof that either prove or disprove the existance of ghosts. To many, the absence of the scientific seal of approval does not stop them from exploring further into the paranormal world in an effort to find that proof everyone needs. Of course there is the other side that says simply "Pish Posh", there is no such thing as ghosts, there is no proof of ghosts.

I know, as does my family, and the PHPR investigators that ghosts do exist. They are very real!! No, we cannot provide you that scientific proof yet either. We have no tangible solid proof that we can present to you but regardless, we believe in ghosts. We lived in a house with it's own ghost that terrified our family and friends more than once. We lived that life for two plus years before the Church next door bought the property and were demolishing the houses on the property where the Pink Houses once stood for years and years. but we have never forgot. Still, it remains we have no tangible proof to offer. No proof that would pass any kind of scientific study, discussion, experiment or evaluation. Doesn't matter! We know what we know. We are not here to prove it to you. We each must believe as we will. To find that proof though is our goal and we will continue to investigate and research everything we can find in an effort to find that proof, the proof that ghosts are real.

There are a lot of  people who have stories to tell. People who have encountered ghosts but don't have the kind of proof to satisfy science, who continues to say that ghost are not real. Despite all the people with stories to tell, to date, a story is just a story, even a good story, is just a story at the end of the day. A person who tells they had a ghostly encounter is still just heresay at the end of the day without proof. We don't think like that. In fact, we offer anyone who would like to have their story out on the internet for others to share, to send us that story with permission to post on our website and we are not asking anyone to provide proof, just their story. We will print their story and let readers decide if they believe it or not. We do encourage and accept all ghost stories and ask only that you act with honor when you tell your story. However, that still won't count as proof.

There are and have been many instances where there is no explanation for something experienced by people except that it is paranormal activity. So, we need to keep exploring the paranormal world and find some explanations that satisfy everyone. There are variables such as dust mites, lighting, shadow, reflection, a wrong angle, a missed corner that can explain a lot of things that people might otherwise think was paranormal. As with everything else, there are experienced people who do know a lot about anything paranormal. They can usually tell if something is photo shopped or altered or time dated or none of these things. These people are professionals who know their subject and believe in it 100%. If you want something debunked that you think is paranormal but you just want to be sure, make sure you find someone who has the right experience and knowledge to know, well as much as it's possible for them to know if something is paranormal or a logical explanation can be found. Even after that you must continue to remember that most, if not all, paranormal activity cannot be scientifically proven. 

PHPR investigators have had uncanny luck, if I may, at connecting in some way with ghosts/spirits/something not of this world almost every single time we have tried to make a connection with them. Now, I have a theory, which happened to come across because of that uncanny luck. Is it possible that a ghost of a particular person may be nowhere near where we are doing an active investigation? Are there lots of ghosts in another world or is there only so many lost souls out there? Do ghosts stay where their body took it's last breath? Do they perhaps have as many ghosts as we do people and move around just like us? Do all ghosts speak English as I've never heard of one speaking a different language? When we receive answers , are we actually receiving intelligent answers to our questions or is that coincidental? So, to all those questions, my theory came along that just maybe they are the same as we are and only the strongest come through. Maybe the ghost we are looking for at the scene of a tragedy is long gone from there because he/she did not want to relive the tragedy of their death over and over. Maybe there is a ghost to every person, floating by each other to get to their next haunting. Maybe the voices that come over our equipment are the voices of ghosts with humor and they laugh as they give us just enough to keep us interested. Maybe they are demons who are evil spirits come to process a humans body so they can do.........whatever they are gonna do I guess. Maybe there are even happy ghosts like Casper who hates to see anyone sad and so his job is to make things go good for a human. Whatever the case may be, it is a fact that  much much more time will be needed to investigate, comprehend, and understand.........and of course get scientific proof before we know anything for a fact about ghosts. So, it is important, I believe, to keep a very open mind about every thing, don't let your mind think what others think because it's the popular opinion. Don't expect to find what you are looking for every time you look, but don't doubt that you may, cause you just never know. So in short, that theory of mine would go like this........

"Ghosts are all around us, whether we see them or not. They wander  through their world as we wander  through ours. They are intelligent beings that have purpose other than haunting us. They might even look more like us than we know. Maybe their world is just as important to them as yours is to you. So keep an open mind always." 
  It seems that everything we know about ghosts is subjective material in a persons mind. All information about ghosts will continue to be subjective without proof. We want to provide actual documentation and video and audio proof that ghosts exist. We will continue to investigate supposed paranormal activity until we do finally get that proof that even scientists won't be able to refute. So, I don't get yelled at here for saying something untrue, I should add that not all scientists have the same views on ghosts as I have portrayed here I am sure.  I don't mean to lump anyone in a group.

If we explain a bad feeling we have that something is going to happen, by saying there is a ghost giving me that feeling, we would sound silly. If we are in a scary place and the hair on the back of our neck is standing up, that doesn't mean there is a ghost there either. Yet we are told we can hunt ghosts with just those two feelings. It is said that it can be one of the first things that happens if you are in a haunted place. We know it's not enough. If we see an apparition and claim it as a ghost, we still can't prove it. If we say the place where someone died tragically has an energy that constantly is replaying that tragic death at the place they died, we call that a residual haunting. We have no proof, but we have a phrase that describes it. Still, it's all conjunture, it's not proof of anything.

Every single instance of paranormal activity that can be produced for discussion will still be subjective to how someone looks at that activity, because, yes you guessed it, we have no solid proof. Even when we say that ghosts use energy to materialize, it is subjective to what a person believes. How can we prove what we say. At this point, we simply can't. If a house is haunted, how do we know it's the ghost of the last person who died there? Maybe it's haunted by a the ghost of a person who died 500 years previously or not haunted at all. We will all go by what info we can dig up even though it will still be subjective to someones mind. People's understanding of things may be different, after all everyone does not think the same on just one subject. No one has the answer yet as far as we know. We all just continue on with our own opinion that no one can change. Until something does change that opinion. PROOF. The one and only thing that makes something be what it is said to be.

I'm also really interested in whether it will prove to be true that there are ghosts/spirits/whatever out there that are evil enough to prey on children so they can attach to them and become something entirely evil. Can this possibly be true? It seems like such horror movie material. Are demons really  preying on our weak without our knowledge so they can materialize and wreck havoc on our world? I'm hoping this is one aspect of the paranormal that is not a fact.

There are so many more questions that just I alone have. I want to KNOW who and what ghosts are, very much. But it's not enough to want to know, so off the computer and back to work so we can help find those answers and the proof to back them up.


Evergreen Cemetary

Evergreen Cemetary

AUGUST 6, 2021


Scientists continue to claim there is no proof, no scientific proof, that is, that the paranormal, ie: ghosts, spirits, hauntings etc., exist, not at all. That is what the mind of a scientist tells them and if scientists say it's a fact, then it's a fact, (except for all those facts that later turned out to be not so factual after all, ie: pluto is a planet), . Know what I mean?

I, myself, would say that, EXCEPT, I have become famaliar with the SLS CAMERA, and that has charged me to now believe that proof actually does exist. Proof, that I don't think even a scientist can honestly deny, even if he doesn't want to admit to it.

Let's break down the SLS CAMERA a bit. It is a piece of equipment specifically made to map out the human form with it's infrared grid, in simple laymans terms. It was invented for Virtual reality gaming, where, in effect, a person, with the proper equipment, seems to be inside the game he is playing, as if he was actually one of the players and his game was actually his life. So, the SLS camera searches out the form of the human game player and mimics his actions. That is not a theory, it is a fact that the SLS camera was invented for that reason and that it actually performs exactly as it was made to perform.

Now, when we take that same SLS camera, and we use it to map out human forms in our real life, instead of a game, it works exactly as it was made to work for the X-Box Virtual Reality, except we are not playing a game of life, we are that life. So, we, as paranormal investigators, use the SLS camera to do exactly what it was made to do, and lo and behold, just as it works for the game, it appears to me, that it works for life as we know it too.  I mean, it does the exact same thing. If you point it at a chair or a coat-rack or something like that, you can look at it with your little eye and spy the form of a chair or a coat-rack or something like that. If you thought maybe the coat-rack resembled a human form, you could move the camera from side to side or up and down and the image you captured on the SLS will grow with the movement of the camera, and then you would realize it wasn't an actual human form at all because human forms don't continue growing when the camera moves side to side or up and down, it just resembled one at first from a certain view.  However, as we have shown on our own website in our picts, you can also capture what you know to be a human form, just as you know when  you look at another person it is another person. So, the same is true when you look at a SLS camera, or any other common camera for that matter. When you see a human form captured on the SLS camera, you also know that you are seeing a human form. You can tell it's a human form when you move the camera side to side or up and down and you notice the lines of the form do not grow but remain in the shape of a human.

To myself, this is the one exceptional piece of paranormal ghost hunting equipment, that I, personally, believe shows you actual true proof that it works. If it is an accepted fact that the SLS camera works as it's meant to work and does what it was meant to do, than it has to be an accepted fact that when it maps a figure it's doing what it was made to do and it works as it is meant to work, whether in a game that projects life or in life actually. 


That is not only the thoughts of this author , it is also the workings of the SLS camera. So, one goes hand in hand with the other.  How can it be any way subjective, not scientific, when it works as it's meant to work, does the job it's created to do and the proof is in the pudding, so to speak.

I am sure there is every scientist out there, that if they read my words, they would jump to denouce it as only theory, or even better(or worse depending on how you look at it), the ravings of a crazy (unscientific) woman. However, I believe it's obvious that it's not only theory or crazy ramblings of some fool, since the equipment actually does exist.

I'm leaning towards thinking, however, that there are many of you out there, like me, that can see the truth when it looks us in the eye. Maybe it is just a case of the blind leading the blind, maybe one of us is actually right part of the time, the other is right part of the time too and everthing they were not right about collectively is the unknown, still to be explored or maybe neither group is right about anything and the unknown is actually what we know? Maybe you understand what I'm saying and maybe you don't, but on the sls camera it doesn't take a genius to know what is a fact is actually a fact.


AUGUST 5, 2021


Hunting ghosts probably sounds more exciting than it actually is. You must be an avid ghost hunter to really hunt a ghost. It's not like you go out with a little equipment and you find a ghost. It's more like you go out with a lot of equipment and you spend a long time searching for a spirit. You may or may not get lucky.

PHPR team members have seemed to have that special ability to connect in some way, be it big or small with every investigation. Cameron, one of our investigators, seems to have a real knack for connecting with a spirit and getting them to actually talk to him. Every single time he has went on an investigation, he has spoken and conversed with a spirit.

I imagine that you must be a believer in the paranormal to start with. Ghosts seem to know if you are worth their time or not. 

Since it is believed that ghosts or spirits use a magnetic field to manifest, PHPR is working on a project to have our own magnetic field that we can make as large as we need, to help a spirit manifest, if indeed that is how they do.

So, again, do not go out expecting to get something every time. Remember that all this evidence is subjective at best as there is really no scientific proof of ghosts existing. To us, we don't care about the scientific proof because we know what we have captured as evidence, indeed what we have seen and heard ourselves. It takes patience and a delicate approach to be able to converse with a spirit. It takes taking your time, waiting, waiting, and waiting some more for action. Sometimes, if not most you may walk away disappointed.

MARCH 3, 2021



When one is interested in paranormal activity, one might become a paranormal investigator. If one does so, they should be aware that their material and evidence gathered, even their locations they are expecting to investigate, if known to the public, just might bring people who want to ride the tail of another, or latch onto your investigation for themselves or cause turmoil enough that one could lose the site being investigated.

It's too much to think that there are people who will try to throw themselves in the middle of your work regardless of the cost to you or your ongoing investigation. If, for instance, you were investigating a location that someone else wanted, they might try to hang around the fringes, even lie to get your attention so they could try to get information or a foot in the door of your investigation.

While I find it almost impossible to think that could happen, we just had it happen to PHPR. PHPR's owner was blindsighted at an investigation of the Brookdale Lodge. The person who tried to jump on our bandwagon employed a couple of non ethical pathways to try to get into our location, even knowing that we had exclusive rights to the Lodge. Unfortunately, it went far enough that we have had to postpone our investigation for 2-3 weeks while things were brought back into control and those who tried to jump into our investigation were dealt  with.

Now, you might wonder why it would be unethical to do anything like I just described. To PHPR, it left us with the possibility of information being compromised due to us and the other person's use of different techniques. It also interfered in times and dates and locations that were set aside for us exclusively so we could try to collect data to be used for paranormal research.

So, ethics are just as important in the paranormal world as they are in any other subject. We must use common courstey, respect for bounderies, and a proper procedure when we are in the field of investigating. I know PHPR wants their collected data not to be contaminated by others and I'm sure most investigators are the same.

So, if you decide to get into this world, don't go involving yourself in other people's investigations for any reason. Do not lie or exaggerate to get attention switched to you, do not try to walk over others there before you, be professional and respectful. Do not try to jump onto someone else's investigation or find out where they plan on going so you can get the jump on their future investigations. 

These are all expectations that any professional in any industry would use, please do the same in the paranormal world. And last, if you are the one investigating and someone tries to impress or lie to you or get in the middle of your investigation, be smart. Keep your data to yourself until you are ready to let the public see what you got. Keep your plans to yourself until your plans have been completed so as not to attempt anyone to jump your claim so to speak.

Don't share what you find, or where you go or when you are going to anyone. Not because it is top secret, but quite simply to protect your own interests.

It is well known that so far no concrete proof that we can put on display as proof there is truly ghosts and spirits and another world exists anywhere. So the day someone is able to have that proof and show it to the world, that person will make a solid mark for themselves in history. That is no small attraction for people to aspire to. So mum's the word, until you decide otherwise.

Two figures, which we think are spirits, that we have captured on the sls camera in our bedroom in our own private residence. Not always, but most of the time when we capture spirits in our room, we have two of them. Only in the bedroom. Any other time we have captured them, it is only one.

Spirit captured in office on SLS camera. He moves from the chair to the front of the sewing table on the other side of the room. That's when I knew the SLS camera was not mapping the shape of the chair but an actual spirit.

Spirit captured on SLS camera in the living room of our home. Watch as I try to interact with him. Although he doesn't leave right away, he does not seem to want to make contact with me.

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