acursed-under a curse, damnable

afterlife-life after death

anomaly- irregular or odd event which does not fit the standard rule of law, something that cannot be explained

anthropomorphic-ascribing human form or attributes to a being or thing not human

apophenia-the spontanous perception of connections and meaningfullness of unrelated phenomena

apparition-appearance of a spirit

aura-invisible to the naked eye, it is a glow surrounding an individual

automativ writing-when a person can produce writing that is not their own writing style and can convey messages from the deceased

bizarre-odd, fantastic, extravagent

cemetary-a place for the dead to be buried to rest

channeling-the method in which mediums allow themselves to be used in order to manifest something which comes from outside themselves

chant-a type of sacred music where in which a no of syllables are recited in the extreme

clairvoyance-su[ernatural power of seeing people places and things and events outside the space and time of natural viewing

clairvoyante-the alleged power of seeing things not present to the senses

coffin-a box or chest to hold a dead body

cognition-the mental processes (sensation or preception) etc.

crypt-a under groud vault used for burials

cryto-zoology-the branch of paranormal research that deals with the exp;oration of legendry creatures

crucify-to put to death on a cross

curse-an invocation or wishing of evil or harm for another

dead-without life

debunk-to share a theory or claim as false

decompose-to seperate the component parts of something or someone, to decay

Deja Vu- seeing or doing something completely new but having the feeling that the experience has been done before

demented-deprived of reason, out of one's mind

demon- a supernatural malevolent spirit that causes harm or severe emotional distress

demonology-the study of demons

devil-Satan, supreme being of evil

disembodied voice-a voice that is heard in real time(unlike an evp) that is not coming from any corporeal form

divine-to the highest degree

divinaties-act of foretelling the future or finding a hidden thing by supernatural means

domain-a territory under one rule or government

ectoplasm-substance thought to be emitted by spirits and by mediums communicating with the spirit world

emf-electro-magnet field-a physical influence that affects all of space and which arises from electronically charged objects and describes one of the four fundamental elements of nature

empath-an indivudual who is partically sensitive to the pysic emanations of his or her surroundings

emt-a combination of electrical and magnetic fields

enlightment-instructed or informed, free of prejuadice and ignorance

enmity-ill will, mutual hatred

entity-something that has an unique seperate existance

epicenter-person(s) that a poltergeist or haunting tends to focus on. Paranormal activity usually increases when the epicenter is present

esp-extra sensory perception-perception that involves awareness of information about something not gained through the senses and not deductable from previous experience.

evil-refers to the morally or ethically objectionable behavior or thought

EVP-electronic voice phenomena, the communication by spiritsvia tape recorders or digital recorders. These recordings cannot be heard at the time but will be audible when the recorders are played back

exorcism-the practice of evicting demons or other evil spiritual entities which have possessed a person or an object.

fiend-an evil spirit, an inhumanity wicked person

ghost-a non-corporal manifestation of the spirit or soul of a dead person who has remained on earth after death.

ghost hunting-the act of using scientific instruments to detect and attempt to communicate with spirits

ghost lights-mysterious lights seen at a distance, usually appearing as blue or yellow spheres, which appear to blink.

ghoul-an evil spirit that robs graves and feeds on the dead

growl-to utter a rumbling menacing sound

guardian spirit-a spirit who protects and guides a particular person

guilt-the feeling of having committed a wrong or committed an offense

hallucination-an apparent perception of sights, sounds etc. that are not usually present

hallowed-made or regarded as holy

haunting-to inhabit, visit or appear in the form of a ghost or other supernatural being

hex-a spell put on someone, a curse

hex-o-gram-A figure with 6 sides and 6 angles

ill will-enminity, to abuse, badly treated or used

imp-a mischieviouschild, a little devil or wicked spirit

incantation-words chanted in magic spells or rites

incense-material burnt to give fragent fumes or to set on fire or inflame with anger

incite-to urge to action or to rouse up

incorporeal-not having a body or of relating a right based on property without intrinsic value (as in bonds or patents)

infrared-of those visible rays just beyond the red end of that visible spectrum

manifestation-a itemized list of something such as a passenger list on the plane or a ships cargo

magic-the use of charms in the act of producing illisions by sleight of han

malevolent-wishing evil to others, malaciousd

malice-animosity, bad blood, bitterness, enmity, hate

medium-someone who communicates with ghosts and the other side

metaphysics-the branch of philosophy that seeks to explain the nature of being and reality

miscreant-a villian, evil

morgue-a place where the bodies of unknown dead or those dead of unknown causes are temporarily kept

mystic-involving a sacred or secret meaning revealed only to a spiritual enlightened mind

necromancy-s diviration by allejed communications with the dead-sorcery

obscure-not distinct, clear or legible, enveloped in darkness

odor- smell, scent or odor

omen-foretelling good or ill fortune

orbs-spheres of translucent lights, usually appearing in photos. Many investigators think they represent spirits or a ghost

ouija board-a board with an alphabet that is used to try to communicate with the paranormal world or a deceased person

out of body experience-a experience that typically involves a sensation of floating outside ones body and in some cases seeing ones physical body from a place outside ones body

pareidolia-the imaged perception of a pattern or meaning where it does not actually exist

paranormal-an umbrella term used to describe a wide variety of reported anomalous phenomena that lacks scientific explanation

parapsychology-the study of seeming mental awareness of or the influence upon external objects without any physical or energetic means of causation which scienists currently understands

pentagram-a 5 pointed star

phantom-a supposed vision of a person living or dead

physical manipulation-when an object of some sort is thought to be moved or physically altered by a spirit or ghost

poltergeist-an extrememly rare occurance wherein random objects are moved and sounds produced by an unseen force

portal-a gate or doorway possibly to the paranormal world

possession-where a person or sometimes an animal becomes overtaken by a spirit that is not their own

portal-a doorway, interest or gate between spiritual and physical worlds

premonition-a forewarning or a feeling that something is going to happen

priest-one with special rank that offers sacrifices or performs sacred rites

primary readings-the initial measurements of energy taken at a haunted location, used for establishing an investigation direction 

pseudo-false or spurious, deceptively resembling

PSI-a term for physic phenomena

psyche-the soul, the spirit, the mind

realm-a kingdom or domain, region or sphere

residual-that which is left, the remainder

residual energy-when emotionally charged events leave an imprint or energy residue on nearby objects or locations. They will sometimes repeat a specific event from the past over and over and over

revenant-a ghost that only comes back a few times after death

rite-a ceremonial form of observance

ritual-a manner of performing a divine service

rune-a secret, a mystic symbol, sentence, spell or song

sacred-dedicated to a God or God, not to be violated

sacrifice-the act of an offering to a diety, a victim on an altar

sage-a plant and spice or a man of great wisdom

Satan-God's enemy, the keeper of hell, marked by extreme cruelty, Lord of evil

satanist-a person who believes in and worships Satan

seance-a gathering of people to contact the spirit of a deceased loved one or other person, usually consisting of a medium, assistants, loved ones of the departed and other interested individuals

sect-a religious domonination who has established a religion

smudging-the act of using sage to cleanse and purify a person, place or thing to chase away evil spirits

sorcery-a divination by the assistance of our spirits or magic

spectrun-the range of color produced by passing a white light through a prism

spirit-describes the conciousness of a soul or indivudual. In ghost hunting, this refers to the soul of someone who has passed on and continues to be observed in an area

spiritualism-a belief in the spirit world and the ability to communicate with spirits of the dead

spook-a ghost

soul-that which thinks, feels desires  a spirit embodied or disembodied or an innermost being

telekinesis-the ability to control ones physical environment without using physical manipulation or force

telepathy-a communication from mind and other, other than thru the senses, the persons concerned in the communication not necessarily being in the same place

trance-a state of unconciousness in which some of the powers of the waking body may be retained

vortex-a center of focused or concentrated spirit energy

woe-a curse, beset with grief

wizard-a person who practices witchcraft or majic

whimisical-being fanciful or fantastical

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