AUGUST 7, 2021



Well, we have relentlessly went over and over all our audios, videos, pics and whatever else we may have found, and we have posted the best of what we got, and some of it was very interesting. We got a few EVP's but not too many, but the ones we got were incredible.

We reached the end of our investigation a few months back. We think that if you take all the stories that have been told, and all the witnesses interviewed, all the local ghost hunters, all the sightings seen, the voices heard, etc, and you add that to the data PHPR collected during their investigation reaching over a total of a few months, PHPR found not a lot to actually proof the Brookdale was really haunted. Oh there were tasty tidbits that even make us wonder, but overall we found nothing to help us make a call one way or the other whether it's haunted or not. We found none of the evidence showed on T.V., and none of the evidence that would match a witnessess story about the Brookdale Lodge specifically, but nor could we debunk anything already said about the Lodge. We did catch some excellent EVP's but that was all, except for the image caught on the sls camera in the cabin across the street that is now red tagged. 

We tend to be of the opinion, or most of us do, that ghosts move around the same as you or I, or at least, in a general sense. So, having said that, we kinda believe you could find a ghost anywhere and in our research for answers, we will explore that theory carefully, but that doesn't mean any ghost you find is necessarily someone who inhibited that same space at some other kinda. In other words, The owner of the Lodge that everyone believes haunts the place or at least his time period, may not necessarily  be the one actual haunting it or caught haunting it at a specific time. It could be the ghost of a caveman, a dinosaur (if indeed animals can be spirits too), or who knows who it might be. Just as Mrs. Winchester may not be the ghost haunting the Winchester House, as people think. Maybe it's an Indian squaw from the early 1800's. Maybe, it's a lady from 1789. My point is, no one has been able to place who is haunting the Lodge, if indeed it is even being haunted.

We were sorry that things came to an early halt with our investigation at the Lodge like it did. We may have been able to back someone's claims of being haunted if we had been allowed to continue our investigation. However, since we felt we had really got a true feel of the Lodge, and were actually ready to move on, we were not too sad to be done. It was fun, we had a blast, would recommend  the Lodge to anyone for a wonderful experience, and have the experience to our credit.


APRIL 12, 2021



This video was taken as we started our first night in the most haunted room in the Lodge

FEBRUARY 26,2021

To date, we have concluded our investigation into the reportedly most haunted room in the Lodge. We definately got enough to convince us there are indeed spirits at the Lodge. We are reviewing the data gathered carefully and will post it for you when we are done. This generally takes a while as we have to be very careful to debunk anything that can be debunked and that can be time consuming as there are always plenty of variables to push through. We are confident that when we bring you something, it cannot be debunked otherwise we would not post it.

The room was very interesting and busy with what seemed to be paranormal activity. There seems to be orbs almost constantly flying through the air. Someone or something has set off the REM pod several times while no one  was close enough to set it off. These are recorded and will be posted later. We got lots and lots of EVP's but those are one of the hardest to review. Some are very hard to make out what they say and it takes a while. Some are in response to questions asked but a lot are random replies that came over the spirit box.

The Lodge is still in the middle of being remodeled and while the owner has been very gracious about our presence there, it seems everyone wants to jump on the bandwagon and the owners are getting a little overrun with people trying to go ghost hunting. There are still red tags in effect that keep everyone out of certain places there. We respect those restrictions and have adhered to them. Now with the room done, we are going to sit back and let the owner clear our path to investigate without them being over ran by ghost hunting enthusiasts. In 4 days time we go on to the next part of the Lodge to see what we can gather. In the meantime, we will work on a couple of places outside the building but still on the property that witnesses have told us they have had paranormal activity.

So for now, watch for audios, videos and pics to be posted sometime soon after being reviewed and then watch for the next part of the investigation. 

The Lodge is a decent sized place and will involve many hours of investigating to be able to say we have a clear picture in its entirity and we will feel good about saying our investigation is done.  We will continue to bring our actions to your attention as we move along.




  It is now the second night of our investigation at the Brookdale Lodge, in what is reportedly the most haunted room at the Lodge.

  There have been so many reports of strange things going on in this room for so many years. Visitors and staff alike have seen strange occurances and smelled smells that can't possibly be there and heard footsteps, voices and music where there was no floor to walk on, no people to do the talking, and no radio, band or person playing music.

  Our investigation so far in this room has been hopping. We have pics of orbs, videos of those same orbs, EVP's, one clearly telling the crew they need to get out of that room now, the REM pod going off over and over, sometimes for a short blast and sometimes much longer.

  Some of the PHPR team, me, for instance, thinks that one night or a few hours is not going to get you very far if you are trying to communicate with spirits. My thought is that the longer a person stays in one place, the more spirits become confident enough to interact in some way with us. That appears to be the case here. The longer we stay, the more action we are getting.

  Again, we still have to review all evidence before posting it so please be patient and check back to see some of these videos and listen to some of these audios. Some of them are too good to be true.

  This Brookdale Lodge gets more and more interesting the longer we are here. I believe it, or they (spirits) are getting more comfortable with our presence and may be getting a little more curious or a little braver, but they are makng themselves known in a bold series of events.

Stay tuned for more..............



We began our 2 day investigation in what is reported to be the most haunted room at the Lodge. Within a couple of hours we had gotten several EVP's, and all kinds of orbs flying about outside the balcony door, where it is said that a spirit by the name of Cora roams. Seems she is not well liked because she has no eyes and people get a little freaked out when they see her. Although we have yet to see any spirits, we will be going around the clock from now till Sunday, trying to get all the data we can.

Of course, we have to go through all the hours to review any evidence we gather but we shall bring it to you here on our website as soon as we can.

February 2, 2021


Finally! Progress in our investigation at the Brookdale Lodge.

It's been slow in coming, as remodeling continues on the Brookdale Lodge, but it is moving along.

This weekend, PHPR will spend their first overnight at the Lodge in what is considered the most haunted room there.

People who have stayed in the room, including one lady who stayed there in exchange for her rent while she worked at the Lodge, different spirits have been seen, surrounding the bed as they slept or tried to sleep. These spirits are rumored to be vicious and mean. We will try to connect with those spirits and to capture them in pics and video or even audio. 

Also reported are things that fly across the room violently, voices and footsteps. These too we will try to capture for you.

So watch for our report on what is rumored to be the most haunted room in the Lodge, to come soon.

JANUARY 28, 2021


 There are many witnesses to paranormal activity at the Brookdale Lodge. Even I have my story of what happened there to me, which I will share in the near future, however this is one tale from a man who says he knows what he saw and no mistake about it!

 The following interview is between PHPR and Mr. Tom Reed. As told in his own words, he has seen Sarah at the Lodge and he don't care if anyone believes him or not So this is his story and he stuck to it............

Tom Reed has seen the spirit of Sarah he believes, as he tells in this interview. Part1

Tom Reed Interview Part 2

JANUARY 28, 2021


  As with any location, one of the most important things you should do is to first sweep your location, and debunk anything you can before you begin your investigation. 

  A sweep is the action involved in an investigation where the first thing you do at any location is  to go through the site looking for anything that may be a hotspot. This will allow you to prioritize your investigation by knowing what places you are more likely to come upon some kind of paranormal activity. 

  In the sweep you will also want to try to debunk any hotspot you find so as not to waste your time. Therefore when you come upon a hotspot you will want to search high and low to make sure you don't have anything that is interfereing with your signals on your equipment.

The Sweep

  So the video above depicts the team at PHPR finding hot spots that they were able to debunk as not being paranormal.  Taking the extra small amount of time it takes to do a sweep so that one is able to debunk something as not being paranormal is key in  saving time in your main investigation. Sometimes debunking is not so easily done and discovering whether a hot spot is actually paranormal OR NOT, can save a lot of time so that you have an even better chance of finding evidence of the paranormal.  Not to mention that finding out whether a hot spot is authentic or not on the sweep is not nearly as heartbreaking as debunking something you thought was paranormal all the way up to the 23rd hour of reviewing the evidence. After so much time thinking you had really captured something paranormal, to suddenly finding something that made you debunk that evidence can take the drive out of people for awhile. Getting true evidence is a thankless, time consuming effort. It's not for a person seeking a lot of action. It's more suited to the very patient type of person. But even the most patient and reserved people can get frustrated when someone throws a STOP_DEBUNK out there after thinking you had finally gotten something. So, just saying


DECEMBER 12, 2020


The investigation on the Brookdale Lodge, (pictured in part in the pics above this article)  located at 11570 Highway 9, in Brookdale California, has officially began!

The Lodge is currently under major renovations and our crew is working around the construction with special permission given by Mr. Patel, who is the current owner of the Lodge. We were thrilled to be informed that we have been given EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS to investigate the Lodge and we have been told to proceed with our investigation as allowed by management as construction continues daily on the Lodge and it's surroundings.

We began our investigation with two of the cabins. They are boarded up and unsafe but construction has began. We were among the first to be allowed to enter the cabins to begin our investigation. The cabins were Cabin #4 and Cabin #7.

I'll begin with cabin #7, as it was the least unsettling at that moment. We entered to find floors that looked to have been swept, with the exception of one room which seemed to portray a feeling of abandonment with dirty floors, spider webs and general things one might expect to find in an abandoned building. That is, until.........

We went to go up the stairs to the second floor. At the beginning of the stairs the first thing we saw was a dead rat. What was so strange about it was that it was not decomposed at all, it looked like it was taking a nap. It lay on one side, with one paw stretched above it's head pointing coincidently towards the stairway. We started up the stairs, about 5-6 steps we were at a landing where the stairs turned to the left to continue to the next floor. On this landing was two dead bats, lying close to each other, neither was decomposed and looked like they were asleep. Freaky? A little, but the next find was freakier. On the third step from the top of the stairway, there was another dead bat. I had never saw a bat upclose before but I got a clear look that day. It sat on the edge of the steps as if it was ready to take flight. No sign of decomposing here either or any other sign that it was dead. Almost as if it were guarding the upstairs. We continued onward...........

Strangely, there was either one rat or one bat in each room, each looking like they were asleep. There was no sign of traps or poison or foul play. When we brought this to the attention of some of the past caretakers and to the manager, they found it very strange simply because they said they had never had rat problems in any of the cabins and no one had ever seen a bat anywhere around the property they claimed. They verified our theory that no poison had been used to control rodent infestation. 

The second floor was much the same as the first floor with the exception of the dead rodents. We also explored the basement, which was creepy as an old abandoned basement might feel but that was all. We got nothing concrete at cabin #7, nothing to make us feel it might be haunted, but that doesn't mean it isn't.

We continued on to Cabin #4. (Pictured at end of this article). Now here was some scary vibes. We did a base reading of the cabin first then we set up our equipment. As soon as the SLS camera was turned on, it caught the image of a large figure, that looked like it might be a male. It seemed very menacing for some reason. This figure was in a confrontational stance. He stood facing the camera, mere inches from me. He appeared ready to toss us out! He stood, facing forward, legs straight and slighty apart. His arms hung down his body and his hands appeared to be clenched. He didn't leave us either. He followed us from the kitchen doorway through the dining room and into the living room, where another smaller figure made his appearance next to the first one. He sat on a ladder braced on his feet, arms slightly out as if he was going to jump at one of us. He was on camera for a short time and when he disappeared, so did our first guy, but he came back as soon as we went back to the kitchen. He stood in the doorway looking as if he meant to keep us out of the kitchen. This figure was with us from start until we went outside the cabin. We got no EVP's or anything besides the images I just spoke of but we had plenty of goosebumps and lots of doubt about how safe it was to be there. We were glad to pack up our stuff and get out of that cabin.

These two cabins are in the midst of being remodeled. Cabin #7 has 9 bedrooms and is intended for use in housing future staffing for the Lodge. Cabin #2 is also under construction of remodeling but we are not sure of it's purposed use after it is done. We will bring you more info as we get it. Next, we are going into the lobby and the restrooms, and the restrooms are supposedly haunted.  I  myself have had my own experience there, which I will tell you about when I write about the lobby investigation. Keep watching, we will be posting videos and pics as soon as we have reviewed them.

Cabin #7

Cabin #7



The bordello at the Brookdale Lodge

The bordello at the Brookdale Lodge

OCTOBER 29,2020 BROOKDALE LODGE We have been trying to get into the Brookdale Lodge, but everything has been uncertain due to COVID 19. We are now waiting for a date we can enter, which has been hampered by the wildfires here. The hotel is full of guests that are here to clean up from the fire and will be here till the end of December. In the meantime, we have been wandering the premises, taking pictures, laying out a course of action and have began the interviews of staff and neighbors. We have spoke at length to date with two staff members and also with 5 of the neighbors to Brookdale Lodge. These neighbors live on the Lodge's property, across the street where the bordello is. They are in seperate rented cabins that are available while the others remain in a state of remodeling. Today, we have more interviews to do as well as we have been given a piece of the history of the lodge and are picking that up today. The delay with doing an investigation, according to the manager, J.C., is due to COVID. It has actively put a stop to people wanting us to come into their homes and businesses, which is understandable. During the time, while we are waiting for restrictions to be lifted, we have been told to go ahead with interviews from those we can find who are willing to talk about their experiences. So, we are doing that. The lodge is also in the process of being remodeled, as parts of it are unsafe to enter due to holes in the floors. January is the soonest we can hope to actually be allowed in, and that is even up in the air, again due to COVID. Keep watching for the date which we will post as soon as we get it, that we will be doing an investigation. In the meantime, after we review our interviews, we wil bring you stories from people that live on the premises, the receptionist's short story of her experience and more, including new pics we have taken and will be posting soon.

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