This video has been posted before. It was taken at the Busick residence when we investigated there but it's worth seeing again. It's rather exicting as we also captured it on a digital recording and with a huge EVP.

This is the first of seven videos taken while continuing to investigate our own home after finding a gun buried in our back yard. This video is explained throughly under ARTICLES also.

Captured the same night as the first video. This is in our bedroom.

Third video captured the same night in our home.

Taken with our sls camera in the office at our home.

Two spirits captured on the sls camera in our bedroom of our home. The full story on this video has been posted under ARTICLES for those who want to know more about it.

Another video captured on the sls camera in our home the same night as these others we have posted.

JULY 23, 2020


 Here are just a few more SLS videos taken inside our home where we are doing an investigation after uncovering a pistol buried in a shallow hole in our back yard. Wrapped in thick plastic several times, then with duct tape several times, the gun had only two chambers empty, with the other chambers still loaded. The serial number has been filed off the gun and it has been turned over to the Sheriff's Office. It is a possible clue to a possible murder but no one can say yet as it is still under investigation. In the meantime we still have been catching images on our SLS camera and thought we would pass them on to you.

Some more videos you might like!

JULY 22, 2020


 There are new clips of an image in our home under our VIDEOS tab. To my way of seeing it, this image seems very confident in our home, very self composed, very famaliar with our home. I don't know what gives me that impression but there it is, that's what I sense about him.

 We would love feedback from anyone who cared to respond with their thoughts when they look at these images.

Let us know please.

You might remember we captured his image once before in the rocking chair in our room. He seems to make himself right at home.

This image was caught over the stairwall looking down.

This one is in our bedroom. He/she/it, seems to spend a lot of time in and around our room.

This image was caught at the top of our stairs, outside our bedroom door!

Yet another image caught on SLS camera. This is Tim in the mirror with an anomaly.

Another image caught on the SLS camera.

This is in our home, our bedroom to be exact.

The SLS camera captured images on screen, whether it is a spirit or not remains to be seen.

There is a lot of action by the anomaly seen here, captured by the SLS camera.

This guy seems pretty comfortable kicking it in our room. Can't help but notice he seems as comfortable in our room as we are.

Our home. Using the SLS camera to find anomalies.

The gun as we first saw it after being dug up in our back yard. For more of the story go to INVESTIGATIONS.

The Busick Residence. Great response caught on audio.

Fully charged SLS camera does sudden battery fail.

The Busick Residence

Flanders Mansion

Listen close and you will hear our investigator asked "Who moved the cone" and the answer came back "Barry".

Found buried about 1 foot down in our backyard, this gun had only 2 shells fired out of it, otherwise every chamber was filled. The sheriffs believe it is connected to a murder in the S.C. mountains approx. 4-5 years ago and are still following leads to try to solve a crime.

Orbs at the Busick Residence

Flanders EVP at regular speed.

Flanders Mansion EVP at half speed.

The Busick Residence- Check out all the orbs on this video!

This is what we believe are spirits and you can watch the ghost meter as it answers questions from our investigator.


Brooke connecting with the spirits of the spirits of Trevor and Kelly.

The Most Haunted House in Felton

The closet was where the owner claims to have chased the negative spirit into and locked him in. Someone answered "ya" on the SB-7 when our investigators asked if anyone was here when they first went into the closet. You must listen carefully to hear the voice but you will hear it if you listen.

The Most Haunted House In Felton

Video taken of the SLS camera as the SLS camera captured two figures on its screen.


Video of our youngest investigator talking about the light that went off and on by itself.


Here, our investigators catch something and then our SLS camera which started out with a fully charged battery suddenly went completely dead.

THE BUSICK INVESTIGATION This is audio and video of one of our investigators talking to another investigator shown on the video with a little jumping stick figure . This is taken on our SLS camera.

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