Front of the IOOF HALL

Front of the IOOF HALL

Back view of the IOOF HALL

Back view of the IOOF HALL

FEBRUARY 7, 2021


We have been telling you we were gonna begin investigating the IOOF HALL in Boulder Creek, Ca.

John and Jeanette Kornher, who run their business, Boulder Creek Glass, from the hall, were good enough to sit down with me and give me their first interview about the Hall. We recorded the interview and will be posting it soon for you to read yourself.

To give you a idea of why they asked us to come investigate the Hall, I will tell you what I interviewed them about.

John and Jeanette,came to us after they had seen  some kind of an apparition or a shadow person, they weren't sure. They watched this shadow suddenly manifest in front of their eyes and witnessed it running full tilt from the front of the Hall to the back of the Hall, with dogs barking suddenly as it passed their sight and disappeared. The couple showed me the path the shadow figure took, as they were running the scene down to me and I took video and some pics, but those have to be reviewed before posting.

The couple do not and did not feel fear but were totally amazed as they watched the shadow figure pass right through the large desk in the office, like it was transparent.

So please keep attuned for further postings about the IOOF HALL, as we intend to research it and it's inhabitants, if any, to a explanation, regardless of what that explanation may be.

John Kornher at the IOOF Hall showing us the path his shadow figure took through the IOOF HALL

John Kornher at the IOOF Hall showing us the path his shadow figure took through the IOOF HALL

FEBRUARY 25, 2021


And so it is ready to begin.............

The investigation at the IOOF Hall in Boulder Creek, Ca will begin tomorrow, Friday, February 26, 2021 at 9:PM with the setting up of a 4 camera DVR which will be on and operating from Fri. night until Sunday morning at approx 9AM, February 28, 2021.

After letting the cameras run all night, our investigators will return Sat. evening around 9PM to spend the night and try to make connection with a spirit or the reported shadow figure. This will be our first run thru the IOOF Hall and will be followed by another investigative date in approx a week.

Our hope is to catch the shadow figure reported by the Kornhers and any other activity that might happen and to try to connect with any spirits that may be present.

We will bring you our findings as soon as they have been reviewed and edited for the website.

MARCH 3, 2021


As we told you earlier, this past week-end signaled the beginning of the investigation at the IOOF Hall. A DVR unit was set up on Fri night to run continuiously until Sunday morning. Then our investigators spent Sat. night at the Hall.

While we are still reviewing  what the camera caught on tape, we can tell you that during the investigation on Sat. night, with PHPR investigators on the scene, there were several clear EVP's. One of the EVP's called out one of our investigators name. We can also tell you that while we are still reviewing the data from the sls camera, there were two different apparations caught on the camera. These will be posted soon also for your viewing.

We will bring the evidence to you asap, but please remember that reviewing is a long and streneous process. We want to be sure that we post only what cannot be debunked and is not of our normal world. 

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