OCTOBER 15, 2021


It's been a while since I wrote about the ongoing investigation in our home. That's because it's been pretty quite......until recently! We used the SLS camera pretty often during these past months trying to catch our sls friends and get them to come back and interact with us. It has been strangely calm and peaceful. No sls figures, no loud noises, no big bangs to wake us up at night. Almost made us wonder is we had been wrong. But no, no that wasn't it.

At the first of June our youngest son, his wife and daughter came to stay with us for about 3 or 4 months. The very first week they came, my daughter in law tells me suddenly one day that she had just seen someone who she had thought was me. But I wasn't here so it couldn't have been me. She said the person she saw had dark hair and she could swear it was me. Couldn't explain it so thought she was mistaken but we didn't know who we thought she saw.

Then I was at my desk one day and I heard the front door open and my daughter-in law came through the hallway and opened her door went in and closed it. I was working in my office and just nodded my head to her when she came through cause her door is right across from my office door. Anyway then she opened the door came back out of her room shut the door and left. That night I was apologizing for not taking a minute to say hello when she came home earlier. She stopped me and said,"Mom, I haven't been home all day!" I saw you I told her, you came in and I heard the door open and close then you came out and I heard the door open and close and I saw you! I saw you. Nope she said, wasn't me. Must have been someone else. Well I already knew something was up cause I know what I heard and saw!!

My sister came over. I was upstairs and heard her talking. I came out of my room leaned over the loft and said "Hey Sis, who you talking to?" She looks at me and asked how I did that. What I asked. Get up there she says. She said she just saw me in front of the washer and dryer and that's who she was talking to, me. Well that's sighting number three.

Then my daughter in law, just the other day, was schocked when I came out of my room, walk downstairs and said hello. She said there's no way I could have came down the stairs from my room cause she just saw me in the kitchen! Nope I told her, Wasn't me. She swore it had to be, she saw my dark hair, she saw me! That's number 4 and all these sightings seemed to be a woman with dark hair. But we all thought we saw someone each time although we didn't get a solid look each time. Each time one of us was just walking by when we saw someone.

Tonight, I went into my office to put away a book and as I passed the couch, I saw my granddaughter. She got hit by a baseball and has had to keep her foot up. She was on my couch doing that as I walked by. She is sharing my office as her bedroom. When I opened the door and went in to put the book away, I stopped in my tracks cause there was my granddaughter, in bed. She could not have been on the couch.

So theres a shadow figure here and we want to catch it. I'm gonna get Tim to put up the DVD Cameras. Theres four of them, they will get every angle. We want to catch this shadow woman on film. As soon as we do, we wil post it here so watch for it.

OUR "AT HOME" INVESTIGATION We have been working on an investigation at our own home, after finding a loaded revolver, minus two shells in the chamber, buried in our backyard. Earlier on, on this page, we had written about what had happened on the night we found the gun, and through the next few days, after finding the gun and turning it over to the Sheriffs office. We explained even further what the Sheriffs had done and said at the time. A little bit later we had written another bit about my grandson, who found the gun, and how he had become spooked when coming and going from our house after finding the gun. From there, we decided to investigate our home and promised to bring you the findings of our investigation when we had reviewed them. Those findings include a couple of videos we captured on our SLS camera. The videos show the appearance of a figure, sitting in my rocking chair in the bedroom among other videos. We will be posting those shortly now, but in the meantime, under our tab- VIDEOS- we have posted two videos of the gun we found so you can view it yourselves. Despite our grandson believing something or someone was watching him every time he came or left and that that something or someone was in some way threatening to him, my husband and I felt no danger or unease from the figure we captured. To date, we have not been able to capture anything besides the images on the SLS camera, such as an audio with intelligent conversation with any spirits. It is probably a good time to add that since the gun was found, and the image caught on the SLS camera, there have been a lot of loud crashes in our home, both during the day and at night, but more so late at night or early in the mornings. Even though we immediately go and check for the sources of the loud crashes there is never anything to find that would have caused any kind of a crash. We are still in the process of investigating our home to try to get more on video or audio that may help to explain the crashes, our grandsons feelings of being watched, and possibly a answer to the reason a gun was buried on the property. One last thing that is a little odd. Our five year old cat has always been very at ease here in our home. After the finding of the gun, he began acting sometimes as if he saw something in our room and he would stare at it, whatever it was, for a long while, never looking at anything else, and then suddenly he will take off like he's scared and run under the bed where it will take forever to coax him out. He has never done this before but now he seems to do it rather often. It's like he hears and sees something and feels threatened by it. So we are continuing to search for anythin g we might find and will bring it to you as we can. In the meantime, check out the two videos of the gun and form your own opinion about it. 

MARCH 13, 2021


  The SLS camera's purpose is to capture a person or a figure that we are unable to see with the naked eye, therefore it is widely speculated that images caught with an SLS camera is most likely a ghost or a spirit.

 As with all equipment used by paranormal investigators for the purpose of obtaining evidence to help prove there is life after death, images captured with the SLS camera are thought to be of the paranormal world.

 To date, there is no concrete proof that PROVES, one way or  another, that ghosts and or spirits actually exist. We, at PHPR, need no proof to convince us, we have lived with the proof and that was a very scary time in our life. That time also left most of our family with a desire to find the proof so all could know there are definately ghosts and or spirits out there, among other paranormal activity.

Finding that proof is not so easy. We can capture evidence, such as images on a SLS camera, audio on spirit boxes, etc., but that is still a subjective subject with most people. So we continue to search and capture evidence with the newest, top of the line equipment, and we will continue to bring what we capture to you. One day the proof will be found that cannot be denied by even the biggest doubters, and until then, we will keep searching for it. 
Hope you enjoy the videos. Please feel free to send an email if you want to discuss the evidence we bring your way. We will answer your emails as soon as possible.

Send comments to info@dreed.phpr@yahoo.com

This video shows the figure of a PHPR investigator and a unknown visitor, who seems to like to visit our office rather frequently.

This image was also taken in our office at home. Figure appears to be standing and moving next to the chair rather than on the chair.

This SLS video depicts a PHPR investigator and a figure standing before the mirror in our downstairs bathroom. We thought at first it was a reflection in the mirror of our investigator that we captured, but in looking closer the figure appears to be in front of the mirror.

The image here, taken with the SLS camera, shows a figure who we frequently catch in our room, at ease in my rocking chair. He appears to be very at home and sometimes has another figure with him. He does not ever appear to notice us however.

Here you see the figure of my husband with the camera and a figure that appears rather small behind him. We are not sure if he was watching us watching him or what.

This video shows images of the two spirits that we believe visit together in our room at home, with perfect ease, as if they were sitting in their home just relaxing.

MARCH 14, 2021


If you have read our articles and investigations, then you already know the story of the gun we found that was buried in our backyard which led us to decide to investigate our own home. After turning the gun over to the Sheriff's office and finding out that it was possibly used in a crime, possibly even murder, and since there is an open case about this situation, PHPR decided to try to find out what we could, if anything, about who may have been a victim of the two missing bullets in the gun. We have initiated a full investigation into our home and the videos here are part of this ongoing investigation.

This is a pic of the gun that was buried in our yard. It was less than a foot under the ground, wrapped in very thick plastic then duct taped. It still had 4 shells in it, numbers were filed off the gun. The sheriff estimated it had been buried for approxiamately 3-5 years.

A PHPR investigator and one of the figures that frequently seem to visit our bedroom. He appears very unconcerned when I'm behind him and try to connect with him.

This video depicts a PHPR investigator and an image of our frequent guest in our room. The investigator reaches out to try and make contact and it appears as if the figure is very shyly wanting to let that connection between them happen. It's a little sad but sweet to watch.

Still in our room at our house, the guest seems to be more approachable the longer he is around. He allows the PHPR investigator to reach out to touch him without shying away.

This figure seems to be guarding the door to our room and the stairs going up to our room. He is recognizable for his height and we often find him guarding the bedroom door, the front door and the hallway door. He never shows up anywhere else.

Not sure whether this is a figure or just the SLS camera mapping out the chair.

These two figures appear to be playing around. They appear to be the same two images that are usually in our bedroom.

Here's our guest in our room, sitting in the rocking chair as if he lives here, which he often does.

MARCH 14, 2021


The above SLS camera videos are just a portion of our ongoing investigation at our house. We often hear loud unexplained bangs or noises, sometimes voices will come through, but we can never find anything to explain the noises or voices. Doors will be heard to open, yet when we check all the doors will be closed and locked.

We will continue to investigate because to us it appears as if the figures are spirits that are getting more comfortable with us being here, the longer we are here. We hope to be able to solve the mystery of the gun, and find out who is living in our house with us before we are done.

It does seem as if the longer we are here, the more accepting of us they are and the less scared they seem to be. We hope to make verbal contact soon. We will keep you posted.

The SLS camera captured this little guy in front of our TV in the living room of our home

It is possible that the SLS camera caught this figure simply because it is trying to map out anything that resembles a person, but I'm inclined to believe different simply because we have caught this figure many times on camera in many different places

MARCH 15,2021


We here at PHPR believe that the figures we capture with the SLS camera are pictures of spirits in the paranormal world. However, let me be clear and say that there still is no actual proof, as far as the world is concerned, but here at PHPR we know better.

What follows is more SLS camera video captures, all in our home.

At first we thought the first figure that is showed was the camera trying to map a person by using the table the figure is dancing in front of. But as the video goes on it is joined by a larger figure who seems to walk across the hallway in air and still the first figure is seen dancing around

Notice how the entity seems to be sitting in the chair, then appears to be trying to exit stage left, then comes back and sits back down. Paranormal? We're not positive but we do think so

An investigator and an entity. Notice how the entity seems to come in underneath the hand of the investigator as if he's unsure if he's safe or not

A PHPR investigator and another captured entity

Cocky little entity!

Cocky little entity!

Oops! Double Trouble

Oops! Double Trouble

We cal this entity The Guardian, as he always seems to be guarding the doorways in our home

We cal this entity The Guardian, as he always seems to be guarding the doorways in our home

The Guardian, upstairs guarding the door to our bedroom

The Guardian, upstairs guarding the door to our bedroom

MAY 25, 2020 UPDATE Well, as promised, we have started investigating our own home for paranormal activity. It has been rather interesting. We are doing this investigation a little different since it is our home and we have the time to take our time. So we have been running the SLS camera at different times on different days looking for anything to show up. We have also been using the Mel Meter, our video camera, our digital audio recorders, our temperature gauge, and more. We have caught activity with the SLS camera several times, and some of those things are showing up in the same places each time we record them. We will bring you some of those, either the whole recorded session or just some pics from those sessions pretty soon but we have a bit more investigating to do and we want to be very thorough and we want to review and re-review the evidence before we bring it to you. It's been very interesting and there has also been a couple of strange things that have happened but I will leave those for later too after we figure them out. Just thought I would give a update for those interested in the daily progress of the investigation. Until later, I will close for now and hope to bring you more soon.

MAY 6, 2020 UPCOMING INVESTIGATION On the night of our last investigation, back in the beginning of February, I, alongside my grandson, was doing some yardwork. To our surprise, my grandson dug up a 357 pistol, loaded with all but two of the shells. It was wrapped in very heavy plastic and overwrapped with duct tape. It has been buried anywhere from 5-10 years according to the sheriff that came to pick it up after we called them. The gun was buried less than 2 feet underground, which led us to think someone was either planning on retrieving it very quickly or someone was burying it in a hurry. We came to that conclusion simply because if someone was planning on getting rid of it permanantly it would have been buried a lot deeper where no one would have a reason to dig that far unless they knew it was there. It seemed, after thinking about it awhile, that someone planned on retrieving it either when they felt safe or when they would want to use it again, simply because it was not buried deep and because of the careful way it had been wrapped. When we found the gun, it became necessary to send a smaller crew on the investigation we had to be at in another hour. The Sheriffs asked us to hold onto it and not leave until they could get here and that actually took 3-4 hours before they did arrive. On arriving and looking at the gun, the sheriff was of the opinion the gun had been buried approximately 4-5 years. My husband is of the opinion it was probably buried a bit longer, up to maybe ten years prior to us finding it. We had told our landlords about the gun and let them know a Sheriff would be coming to get it. When the Sheriff arrived he first came to retrieve the gun and then wanted to see where it had been buried. After taking pics of both the gun and where it had been buried, they asked us a few routine questions and then went to speak to the landlady who lives right down the hill. The landlords were sure that it could not have been the last tenants however prior to them, the tenants before that had been a lot of trouble and even getting them to move had proved to be difficult. They had no problems believing the gun might have belonged to those tenants and gave their name and the address they supposedly would have moved to. We were asked not to disturb the area around where the gun had been found and to make ourselves available should the Sheriffs need to talk with us again. The Sheriffs returned that night and dug deeper into the hole where the gun had lain and about three feet all around the hole but they found nothing more. They had us stay inside our home the entire time they were digging which was for about 3 hours. When they were finished for the night, I asked what the next step would be about finding the owner of the gun. The serial number had been filed off so they could not identify the owner of the gun that way. They told me that they were going to try to find out if the gun had been involved in a crime such as a burglary or possibly to shoot and kill someone. They had a couple of crimes, both murders that they never retrieved the weapon used from those crimes plus a bank robbery that had never been solved and the weapons used in that crime had never been found nor had the crime ever been solved. They were uncertain if they would be able to find any prints after such a long time but were going to try. At this point they had informed us that there should not be any more reason for them to contact us but if there was a need to talk to us again they would let us know and so we figured the issue was closed. A few days later, we noticed the Sheriff was again at our landlords house and they were there for over an hour. When asked, the landlords said they were there about the gun and were looking for more information about the people who might have owned or at least had possession of the gun. They not only wanted info about the people the landlords had first told them about but also about whoever had lived here for the ten years before those people. We did not see them on that visit. Within the next week or so however, the Sheriffs were again at our door. They asked both us and our landlords to remain inside our homes and not leave until they finished what they had come to do. They were at our home for about 3 hours this time, digging around where they had already dug and in a couple nearby spots. Again they left without needing to speak to either our landlords or us. They were back in the next 3 or 4 days to talk with both us and our landlords. Since we had only moved here in September of last year, we were not suspects and didn't have any information that could help them. This time however they were at our landlords for another 2-3 hours. Our landlord told us they were looking into an unsolved murder that had happened here in this area a few years back. They were unsure why the Sheriff kept asking them so many questions because as they said they had never seen the gun before. They were told that because they owned this property where the gun was found and because they had also had access to this property pretty much any time they wanted to come on the property for something they both needed to be cleared from being suspects and then they needed to give all the infomation they could in answer to whatever the Sheriffs wanted to ask them regarding the gun or any other pertinant infomation that might help them solve the case of the buried gun and who might have had access to the gun. The landlords said they were very thorough and that they were glad when the interview was over because it was very long and very grueling. By now, they said, they were sick of the whole subject and hoped the Sheriffs would not continue to bother them. After they were done questioning our landlords, we were both told we could now come and go as we wanted. The Sheriffs came only once more to my door after that about the gun. They had brought their superior out who wanted to look at the burial site of the gun and had a couple more clean up questions. When they left they said as far as they knew then that they were through with both us and our landlords as they had all the information they needed from either of us. They said, of course, that should they need to speak with us anymore they would notify us but they really didn't expect that to happen. They had cleared the landlords at this time they said of being in possession of the gun at any time. They did tell us that they were actively following up any and all leads with the gun because they did believe at this time it had been involved with a crime. They would of course give us no more information than that and cautioned us about talking about the gun or the fact that they had been here so often about the gun anymore than possible. They explained that they did not want the person(s) who used the gun to get any clue about them having it if possible. They said and of course we knew that because the crime they were looking at was so old that it was going to be hard to build their case but they were planning on doing so. To me, that meant they had some idea of what they were looking at and we have respected their wishes. To that note, I called and spoke with the Sheriff who had come out the first night to take possession of the gun. I told him about our paranormal buisness and asked if I could print this story on our website. They said there was nothing to prevent us from doing so but asked that any information we knew be downplayed so as not to give anything away should anyone with knowledge about the weapon happen to read our article. To that end, we have not given the location of our home or our landlords home here, nor have we given even the town or state we are in. We sincerely do not want to do anything to impede their investigation, so of necessity we have given no further information about anything that could possibly cause any damage to their investigation. There was even the thought that if someone who read our article did have any knowledge of the gun, the article might cause someone to worry about being caught and possibly do something to give themselves away. Not knowing any other information than what has been read here could possibly cause someone to get nervous and give themselves away in someway and although there wasn't a lot of worry on that score there was some hope it might break open their case. Now, for the other side of the story. After our grandson had found the gun and after the Sheriffs had come to get the gun and talked with him, he left. Over the next few times he came to visit, he seemed leery when he would leave so I questioned him about it. He said that ever since he had found the gun and the Sheriffs had picked it up, that coming and going, especially going, from our home was spooky. He felt that he was being watched every time he went to leave and it was enough of a feeling that it leaves him very uncomfortable and he has to hurry from our home to get in his vehicle and then he locks the doors. Our grandson is a grown man, very healthy and scared of nothing as far as I've ever known. Now, however, he is not comfortable with coming to our home and hopes the Sheriffs solve the case as soon as possible. He also has not worked on any more investigations or anything else having to do with the paranormal since then. He is not sure why but finding the gun and the way he feels since then coming and going from our house just kinda spooks him and that feeling of being watched has not let up for him since he found the gun. Because of that and because of the Sheriffs being sure the gun was involved in a crime and that it looks as if that crime might possibly be a murder, we cannot help but be intriqued by the possibilities. The sheriff would not tell us anything about the murder they seem interested in naturally, including whether it took place here or near to here. We were told only that there have been two murders in this area in the last few years that remain unsolved and that had a gun involved. We are famaliar with one of these because we were living close to here when it took place and we actually know the family of the person that was killed. It would be wonderful if this gun led to the arrest of the person who did that murder because it was a very violent and horrific scene. It also was a little bit longer than the sheriff is thinking the gun was buried but then again they really have no way of telling exactly how long it was buried for sure. PHPR has decided to go ahead and do our own little investigation from our home. There's been enough random unexplained activity around here that it's possible something may come up in a paranormal situation. We are in the process of figuring out exactly how we want to do that investigation, who we want to be part of the investigation and plenty of conversation about different possibilities surrounding the gun and it's history. All we know about the gun is that it is a stainless .357 snubnose and that there is corrison from it's being buried. It was wrapped very well, both with a very thick plastic first, then with duct tape. The wrapping could not be torn off because it was such strong plastic and we had to use a knife to do it. We also know that the gun was fully loaded with hollow points and that there were only two empty chambers. Although there was corrison on the gun, it did not extend to the point where it covered any details about the gun. It was easy to see that the serial number was filed off, what kind of gun it was, the cylinders etc. The only confusing point was that the gun was cocked and that is pretty darned wierd. Please keep watching for more details about this story and our investigation. We will definately bring you details of the investigation after we have completed it and went through the audio and video and pics we take to see what we might have caught on camera or on audio. In the case that the Sheriffs succeed in solving the crime before then, we will also bring you that information. Until then though, we are as much in the dark as everyone else.

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