AUGUST 22, 2022


We have recently gotten an update on the Escape Room Mirror. You may remember, if you read all the articles about the Escape Room, that Paul Teshara(The paranormal investigator that came behind us at the Escape Room to investigate, with no knowledge of anything about the location,) had gotten the same things on camera that we had when we investigated there. It was uncanny.

Either way, Paul took that mirror to a paranormal museum in Nevada. After a few months, he was asked to come back, pick up the mirror and dispose of it in a particular location that a medium from The Lingering Souls would direct him to.

So Paul picked up the mirror. You might remember we had SLS video that showed what appeared to be a spirit seeming to try to protect the mirror from us during our investigation.

Listen to the dolls voice (we assume it was the doll) on this video. We do tend to think it came from one of those pretty dolls you see. The Escape Room just keeps on giving us proof that something paranormal is going on with Jessica Soss's little ladies you see here.

 OCTOBER 15, 2020


We have now done 3 investigations at the Escape Room in Salinas, Ca. Then we had another paranormal investigator come in and without knowing anything about the place, and without knowledge of what we had collected as evidence, do his investigation. We then got together and did one last investigation and then we shared all our collective findings. Now we will share with you what conclusion we have come to.

We have been posting clips of videos and audios and single pics as we went along, along with little write ups as we went along, now we just have given you most of the findings we collected and we have concluded, both Paul Tashiro, the other paranormal investigator, and ourselves at PHPR that we believe spirits do reside there. Whether they live there, or who they are we don't know. Of course, when the voice told one of our team to get out of his damned house, we figure that guy must have owned the house at one time, but we don't know that for fact.

At least one of the dolls there that belong to the owner, seems to have some uncanny abilities. We did not have enough exposure with dolls that we felt qualified to say definately, but there were those wierd occurances with the dolls that we posted.

So, in conclusion, yes, the Escape Room appears to have spirits there that connected with us, however briefly. So, in essence I suppose that's technically saying the place is haunted.

Jessica Soss, owner of the Escape Room is a great individual and will put you at ease then lock you in a room and scare the s#** out of you. Try her out for some cool fun and tell her you read about her on our website. Maybe she will discount you but no promises!

SEPTEMBER 22, 2021


PHPR has finished their shared investigation with another parnormal investigator at the Escape Room in Salinas Ca. It has proved to be a very interesting set of investigations that we have held there. 

At our invitation, a local radio host, Paul Tashiro of the KSCO radio show Ghosts N Grub, also a paranormal investigator, went with another investigator and a medium from The Lingering Souls, (yet another paranormal group) to do their own investigation at the Escape Room. We had invited him (Paul) there to see if we would end up with the same results as he did.  The end result was rather amazingly similar.

Following that investigation, we, along with Paul, went to do a final investigation together. Once again, the results between the two paranormal groups were similar.

We will be posting the collected data from our investigation with Paul as soon as we have carefully reviewed everything and debunked whatever we can. Be patient because it takes time to go through said collected matrial. This is only a prelude to update you on our progress at the Escape Room.

It turned out that through two investigations our findings matched very closely. We experienced the same kind of activity, we captured a lot of that activity that we will be posting for you to see, and we worked together very very well. In fact he talked of PHPR tonight (September 22nd) on his radio show at KSCO Radio which we will be guests on in the not too distant future. We look forward to and are grateful to Paul for his kind words about us.

Please keep watching our website for that posted material and watch for our final conclusion report on the Escape Room!!




  PHPR did a two part investigation at the Escape Room in Salinas, Ca. Both parts of the investigation were conducted at night, starting at 10pm and lasting until about 3 or 4 one night and all night the first night. The owner very nicely left us there with the key to lock up.

  We set up our equipment which included a DVR with four cameras recording constantly. Other equipment included EMF  meters, SB7 and SB11, a REM pod, a SLS camera, Mel Meter, digital audio recorders, K2, along with a few more. We had light grids, and full spectrum lighting. We wanted to catch any evidence we might get and we had video of everything that went on there.

  We did have a few possibly paranormal things occur it seems. One was a disembodied voice which came out of thin air, the REM pod being set off when no one was even in the room. There was a grunt that came out of thin air that happened to one investigator at the same moment that another investigator was told to "get out of my damned house". The videos below will show you these things.

After we had our investigations, we asked another paranormal investigator who is also a radio show talk host locally, if he would be interested in going out there and doing an investigation so we could compare notes. He agreed and took with him a medium and a first time investigator. They had something crazy happen to the three of them but I must wait for permission to share his story until he says it's ok. 

Keep tuned for his story and for the results of one final investigation together and see if we can pull some good audio or video together. It will be both our last times at the Escape Room. We will post as soon as we have any news about when we are doing this and update you as often as we can.

The Rempod is sat among the dolls and keeps going off as if something or someone was next to it. Also, watch the orbs in this video. Interesting!

Check out the nice two orbs in this video. Too big for dust I'm thinking

Listen close, then replay and listen closer!! The voice doesn't come out of our equipment. It appears to come out of thin air, telling us, while interrupting Cameron, to get out of his damned house!!

PHPR meets up with the Haunted Dolls at the Escape Room. The Rempod is sitting among the dolls and keeps going off randomly with no one physically close to it except the dolls. Hmmm STRANGE!

July 5, 2021


 Located on Main St., in Salinas, California, the Escape Room is open for those who want to experience thrills of their own, where they are the participants and have to find their own way out of hard or scary situations.

The room in the video below is the Fort Ord Room. In that room, the owner of the business believes there is a portal in the mirror. From our SLS camera, an entity was caught on camera and it looked like he was trying to keep us away from the mirror, as if he was protecting it. We will follow through with further investigation on that mirror for sure.

In this video however we have the PHPR team trying to open a locked drawer that isn't supposed to be locked when a voice comes out of thin air telling them to get out of the house.

The Escape Room

The Fort Ord Room and the mirror that may or may not be a portal