Goldfield Investigation with Nick Groff Part l

This rare investigation was with Nick Groff and his wife, Tessa DelZoppo of Nick Groff Tours. Johnny and I had run of the place.

Goldfield Hotel Investigation Part ll

Goldfield came to life in 1902 when gold was discovered in the surrounding area. Soon the population grew to 20,000 with roughly $80 million in gold from the local mines in what would be one of the last gold rushes in the west.

Golfield Hotel Part lll

The hotel is currently in the process of restoration with the basement being nearly finished, the 1st floor has been getting there, with the top floor in the worse condition. On the top floor something touched my head in a dark room and also recorded several EVP's up there.

Goldfield Hotel Part lV

Nick is using a Geoport. Each floor gets creepier as you ascend.

Goldfield Hotel Part V

The upper floors are a bit rough and are a little spooky. In it's heyday this hotel boasted 154 rooms with electric lights, heating, and telephones. The lobby had crystal chandeliers and gold leaf ceilings.

Goldfield Hotel Part Vl

I don't know if the place has electricity there or not. During the investigation all we had was infra-red night vision and the occaisional flashlight.

Goldfield Hotel Part Vll

This was the start of the investigation. It was a good size group due to the fact that hardly anyone had been allowed in before this, and it is currently closed to tours of any kind. Nick and Tessa were right there engaged and investigating with everyone. They are very nice folks.

Goldfield Hotel Part Vlll

Nick Groff Tours made this all possible and we are certainly grateful for the opportunity. We also met up with Michael Zervos and his son from ZeeDog Paranormal Investigations.

I will be posting the rest of the Goldfield tour videos and the other Nevada tour material soon.