TBR says he lived in Covina, Ca, where he rented a room in a old couples house. It was one room, a kitchen and a bathroom, all very small.

He claims he was home sleeping one night and was awakened by a very loud pounding that went all around the house, on the roof, down the back, underneath, then up the front of the house. It was terrifying. It also went around several times. 

He had never heard anything like it before and he hates to admit but he buried his head under the covers and didn't come out till morning.

The next day he went to his landlords, asking them what that loud pounding was in the early hours of the morning. To his surprise they did not hear anything. Couldn't understand what he was talking about.

Needless to say, he could not understand how they could have slept through it. It was so loud and went on for a long time. To this day, he swears it happened like he said. He wasn't drunk or high, just tired after working all day but that was normal so nothing that would cause him to dream it or imagine it happening.


Cheri says "I don't sleep unless there are lights on, I'm scared of the dark because since I was young, I see dead people when it's dark"

Cheri goes on to say that she believes she has communication of sorts with the dead people. She claims they let her know what they want from her, but not in words. It's more like a feeling inside her that connects her to what the dead people want from her.

She's always been scared of the night, and the dark, and she essentially tried to distance herself from what she saw in the dark.....eventually.

After trying to share with people what she deals with, she found that she was not believed by most. Even her two ol men didn't believe her....or so they say. 

Now, years later, Cheri has run into PHPR and she has decided to try to connect with her inner self and not to run from the dead people. She is very shy about speaking of this to anyone cause she doesn't want to be considered crazy or like she's a liar.

We will update you on her progress as she tries to connect with herself and actually connect to these dead people she claims she sees. We are very intriqued as we believe her as she shares her stories. Too much of what she says is true, you know it's true from one thing or another so you encourage her to perfect her gift. How she will handle it is anyones guess 

JUNE 9, 2022


It was right before dusk, still light outside. About 5-6 people were sitting in my living room talking. The curtains were open as was the front door and we could see the entire front yard from where we sat.

Suddenly, we all saw a older gentleman, wearing a hat and slacks and shirt running across the yard. As he ran past the living room window, I jumped to my feet. Why was this man running through our yard. As the gentleman passed the front door heading to the side of the house, I jumped up and ran out to intercept him. 

I should have run right into him, instead I couldn't see him at all. He was gone. I searched around the side of the house knowing he would have had to be super fast to have reached it without running into him. There was no gentleman anywhere. He was quite simply not there.

But all of us saw him, clear as could be. There was no mistaking that he had just ran across our yard yet there was noone there.

We all saw the same thing. An older gentleman, wearing slacks and a coat, black. He was a little overweight and we only saw his face from a side view but he was very clear and very real. Except there wasn't anyone to be found. He had just disappeared into thin air right in front of our eyes. How could that be? But there was no denying what we had seen and there was no denying that he just disappeared as if he had never been. It was the first apprition I had ever seen and I don't mind telling you that we were all kinda spooked by the incident.

I've never been able to explain what happened that day, but I do know we all saw him clear as day, and we all saw that he simply disappeared as if he had never been. There had been a lot of wierd things happening in that place, but nothing was as mind blowing as what we saw that day.

JUNE 9, 2022


It was about 2AM. I was sitting in the living room with my brother-in-law.  His kids were in bed and had been since a few hours earlier, sound asleep. Their door was shut so we did not disturb them.  Neither of us believed in ghosts or spirits or any paranormal activity.

Another two people were in the living room and they were talking about the house we were in was haunted. My brother-in-law and I looked at each other and just rolled our eyes as we listened to them. Pretty silly is what we both thought of their stories about the house being haunted.

My brother-in-law and I were both facing the bedroom door where the kids were sleeping, when suddenly someone opened the door to their room. It was no wind blowing it open and it did not slowly open. It was opened and it had to be a person from the force used to open that door wide and quick.

We both looked at each other startled, then realized it had to be the kids. He told me to go look who opened the door and I told him no way, you go check. We both got up and went to check on the kids and see which one was up and had opened the door. They were not up  and did not open that door. They were sound asleep but noone else was in that room.

Regardless, someone had jerked open tha door. It was very spooky for two people who had always claimed not to believe in the paranormal. After that night, we believed. There was no other explanation for the door opening like that. That moment in time completely changed our minds about the paranormal world and ghosts. Although I hate to admit it, everyone who had said that house was haunted knew what they were talking about. I didn't doubt them any longer.


APRIL 5, 2022


It was somewhere around the summer of 1984. My three kids and I lived in a house in Pomona, Ca, right off Garey Ave. It was a 3 bedroom, 2 bath house in a decent neighborhood. At the time the following events took place, we had lived there close to a year. I had never believed in ghosts, thought they were stories to tell around the campfire for fun. There was never a doubt in my mind that paranormal was just a word used to trick people into believing something or someone was haunted!!

The house was entered by a door right in the middle of the front of the house. When you entered you were in the living room. The front door would have been on the right of the living room as you entered. So, the living room was to the left of the door obviously, continue thru the L.R towards the back of the house and you were in the dining room, turn towards the right and enter into the kitchen, which also had a door leading into the back yard. Now continue to the right and you would exit the kitchen into a long hallway that went to the left of you. So you have completed a full circle, cause you're back at the front of the house with the living room now on your right. Go left in that hallway and immediately come upon 2 doors back to back., on the left side of the hallway. The first door was my bathroom, the second door was the kids bathroom. Mine had just a shower, the kids had a tub. Both rooms were long and narrow with a small window looking out into the back yard.Across from the kids bathroom was one bedroom, which was my room. Also on the right side of the hallway, next to my room was the second bedroom shared by my boys. At the exact end of the hall was the 3rd bedroom, which my daughter occupied. So theres the layout of the house. The hall had a door to each room of that house.There was carpet throughout, except for the bathrooms and kitchen.

Our nightmare began at approx 2am. I awoke to my daughter screaming and crying. I went running down the hall, entered her room and started to her bed on the far wall from the door. Halfway across the room, suddenly the next step I took was into almost a foot of water. Cold water. Even as I registered that I had stepped in and was walking through water up above my ankles, I was only thinking of getting to my daughter. I reached her bed, grabbed her and rushed out of that room, noticing that she was soaked from head to toe, dripping water off her like she had just come out of the river. I ran out, grabbing my sons who were standing in her doorway as I went, and we all went into my room. As I was calming my daughter down, trying to change her out of wet clothes, find out what had happened to her and trying to understand about the water in her room, it suddenly hit me like a ton of bricks.

But what I was thinking was simply not possible. So as my daughter clung to me, telling me how she got up to go potty and fell into the water when she got out of bed, I was denying that this could have been real. Somehow my feet were wet, as was my ankle length nightgown and robe but I knew it was impossible for water to have been standing in the middle of her room covering the back half of her entire room, but not a bit past halfway in the room was even wet. So, I put my daughter on my bed, leaving her screaming at me not to go back to her room cause I would drown and I went back to her room to get her some dry clothes. I didn't need the light to get her clothes cause the layout of her room was 100% famaliar to me, so across the room I went to get her clothes out of her dresser. But halfway across the room, I was in water again up past my ankles. I yelled at my son to turn the light on and when he did I stared in shock at her room, half with about a foot or so of water standing from the back wall to the middle of the room. Then, it just stopped. Nothing was holding it back, it just stopped halfway. I knew what I was seeing was impossible, but there it was. I couldn't force my mind to accept it. It scared the heck out of me, I ran back out of the room and me and my kids locked ourselves in my room and didn't come out until it was full daylight. The kids finally fell asleep on my bed but I stayed awake all night trying to figure out what the heck had happened. Water could not stand almost a foot deep and stop halfway across a room that had nothing to hold the water in place. It was impossible. When daylight came, I'm ashamed to say I woke my kids to go with me to see the water standing in that room.

Not only was there no water in the room, the carpet, the bed, everything was completely dry. I could not explain it. Somehow, we must all have had to be a part of the same bad dream.I went back and checked my daughters clothes she had on the night before. Just like the bottom of my gown and robe, her clothes lay on my floor soaking wet. I could not understand any of that. Finally, I shook it off cause I couldn't understand it, so it had to have been a dream and I could find no reason for our wet clothes.My daughter never even entered that room again, not one step past the door, ever. I had to change her room, so she changed with the boys. That night and the next 2 nights I left the kids at my moms, called a friend to come stay with me, took off work and determined to find out what happened the night before, my friend and I went back to the house. It was about 3:30 pm when we got there. Everything appeared normal and calm and quiet.

My friend was giving me a hard time, telling me I must have been drunk and imagined the whole thing as I put my key in the front door and opened it. We entered the house and went across the living room to the hallway and into the kitchen, behind my friend, who stopped so suddenly that I plowed right into his back. I walked around him cause he would not move at all, and I stopped just as suddenly.

The back door was standing wide open, the sun was shining in the kitchen windows, 2 eggs were frying softly on the stove, and I knew someone had come into my house and made themselves at home, although I was the only one with a key to the house. I got instantly mad, went through the back door into the back yard yelling for whoever was there to tell me what the hell they were doing in my house. Noone was to be seen. Back into the kitchen I went. My friend was still standing there not moving, the eggs were still frying gently in the pan and I went to  turn the burner off. To my surprise the knob to the burner was off but the fire was lit. I did not know what was going on, but I went and pulled the frying pan off the fire. I went into the cupboard to get a plate, but to my surprise only cups and glasses were in the cabinet. I couldn't believe my eyes. I went to the other side of the kitchen to the cupboard when the glasses were supposed to be and there were my plates and bowls. Still confused about everything, I took the eggs out of the frying pan, and noticed that all the time they had been cooking, they had never burned or even got done more. They were just perfect, the whites soft and done, the yolks perfect. They had been on the fire way too long and should have been burnt. I emptied the grease out of the pan, washed it and went to put it away in the lower cupboard next to the stove where the frying pans and saucepans belonged, or used to. The only thing in there today was the bakeware. In the other cupboard where the bakeware should have been I found the skillets and pans. Likewise the drawers that had the knives and utinsels, now held the silverware and the utilnsels and knives were in the silverware drawer. I was furious. I slammed the pan down and went looking for whoever was in my house. 

I went to the first doorway off the hall, my bathroom and opened the door. The entire bathroom, I mean every single inch of wall, toilet, window, sink, every inch of the bathroom, except the floor was covered entirely by thick black mold. It was dark, stank, and gross. I slammed the door shut and went to the next bathroom. It was fine. Until I turned the bathtub faucets on to fill a mop bucket with hot water to clean my bathroom. No hot water came out, just a steady stream of ants. Yep, black piss ants. Millions of them but no water. I screamed, dropped the bucket and ran out and slammed the door shut behind me. I grabbed my friend's hand and we took off, out the front door, into my car and the heck out of there as fast as we could.

My friend had nothing to say except to drop him at his house. He wouldn't go with me to find help, he wouldn't go with me to tell anyone what we had just seen, he wouldn't even talk except to say take him home. I drove to his house, he got out, told me not to bother to come in, and that he would not come back to my house and not to call him again, slammed the car door, ran in his house and shut the door in my face yelling at me to go away. I was confused, scared and mad. I got back in my car and went to my mom's. I tried to tell her what had happened but she looked at me and told me I shouldn't be drinking or doing drugs cause I had kids and they deserved better than a crazy mom. I left, taking my kids cause she wouldn't keep them, and not knowing what to do, I grabbed my babysitter, a young man who had been with me for a couple of years watching my kids. 

He went with me to grab a couple more friends, guys who weren't afraid and would kick anyone's butt who was fooling around with my house like that. 3 men, my baysitter, me and my kids went back to my house. We walked in and everything was exactly as it should be. The dishes were in the right spots, the back door was locked, which I had never even bothered to shut when I ran out before, the bathroom walls were pristine white, as was everything else in the bathroom, the kids bathtub faucets gushed hot water when I turned it on, there were no ants to be seen and I realized at that moment, there were also no fried eggs on the counter where I left them. Noone believed any of the things I told them had happened. I insisted it had all been just like I told them, but they just shook their heads and disgusted with my bull, they left, except for my babysitter. I broke down in tears. What the hell was going on? I was even starting to believe I had dreamed the whole thing, but my kids remembered the water in the back bedroom and they were scared to stay there so I took them to their Godmothers to stay the night. Then me and my babysitter, who hadn't deserted me, went back to my house.

I gotta admit, that when I opened that door I was worried about what I would see, and with good reason as it turned out. The hallway now stood more than a foot under water but the water did not spill over into any other room, even though there was nothing to hold the water back. We went down the hall, walking through water, our shoes and pants legs soaking wet now. Every other floor was dry, except for the back half of my daughters room which was once again under water.I knew there had to be an explantation. I got on the phone and found a plumber. When he came out and I explained what had happened, he looked at me like I was insane. 

I didn't care if he believed me, I wanted logical answers. I hired him to find the water leak. He tried, for 3 days he tried. He tore out walls to get to pipes, he went outside and tore into the place where the water heater was stored. He went through the walls trying to find a leak. When he couldn't, I told him to dig up the pipes underneath the house. He did. He dug a huge area but no pipes were found even damp. There was no water leak. 3 days and over $4000.00 worth of dismantleing my house and yard later he went away. Said he had looked everywhere he could. There were no more pipes that ran to the house, there was no water leak. He said there had to be a ghost or something to explain my illisions. I angryly told him to leave, yelling that I was not seeing things, and he just left shaking his head.

I knew what I was gonna do. I grabbed the babysitter, my checkbook, and I went and found me a new place to rent, paid for it and was given permission to move in the next day. All that day, I packed with my babysitters help. Noone else believed my story they said but noone else came to help me pack either for whatever reason. The next morning I got a trailer and all day I moved my stuff. Finally, with only a 100 gallon fishtank left to move, we went to unload the trailer and were coming back for the fishtank. Somehow, in the midst of all this packing I had misplace the house key so we just left the front door unlocked. When we were done, we would come back, empty the fishtank most of the ay, load it up and get out of there. 

That's exactly what we did. One more thing was there to make sure we got the message to get the hell out of that house. When we got back to get the fish tank, it was on the front yard. Most of the water had been emptied, leaving only about 3 inches of water in the tank for the fish to be in. The front door was locked against us. The windows had all been shut and locked as was the back door. The curtains in every room were drawn tight and although we tried to break in to do a last look and make sure we got everything, we could not get in. Finally, scared, confused, and sorely worried I was losing my mind, I left with my tail between my legs, and tears in my eyes. I could not then and still cannot now understand any of what happened. I did not think it was ghosts, in fact scoffed at that thought, yet I could not offer one single reason for what I and my kids had experienced. Nor did I have proof of such crazy tales. It was no surprise when noone would take me seriously. To this day, besides the kids and my babysitter, noone still believes that story. They thin k it's all in my head. But as sure as I'm telling you this story, this did happen. I have no explanation ansd over the years have never been able to figure out about that entire period. However, I stand behind every word I spoke here. It really did happen just like I said. I do not know why, or what it means but I know it really happened.

By: D.S.C.

FEBRUARY 22, 2022

Here you will find stories, told from personal experiences, by the ones who experienced them, in their own words. Feel free to send your paranormal story to us to add for others to read.

This story is told and experienced by Michael Walker. Some he says is paranormal, hauntings but some is just unexplainable, maybe paranormal, maybe not. We leave it to you to draw your own conclusions.


Michael and his brother were playing about 30 yards from some farmers equipment shed when an extremely loud moaning sound, described as something let loose from the gates of hell, was heard. The brothers were surprised to find that their mom in the house had not heard anything. Michael went to tell his mom who just brushed him off and when he went back out to his brother, he found his brother with a totally white face. His brother told him that the tire swing located on the SW side of the shed started suddenly swinging violently. Then just as sudden it came to a complete stop.

There were 3 brothers and two sisters. They heard a ugly sinsister laugh coming from under the toilet. He says remembering that laugh still scares him to death. All of the kids told their mom but again she brushed them off. That is until she heard it herself. Within 2 days she moved them to Monticello Indiana.

Having a buddy who claimed to be sensitive to these sorts of things, Michael drove his buddy to where he used to live. His buddy at first was too scared to get out of the car. It was July but his buddy had really cold feet. They knocked on the door to the house but found it to be empty. They couldn't leave fast enough when they were hit by a really cold breeze on a day when the temp was 80 degrees. And Michael says when he says cold, it was a really cold breeze.


Michael believes this is also related to the house where he used to live.

Michael was in bed thinking about how to exceed the expectations of hisself. Suddenly he felt as if someone had grabbed him by the front of the shirt and threw him across Texas. He tried to shake it off but a sensation of running fast and hard came over him.He opened his eyes and he was indeed running down a strangely famaliar gravel road and for the duration of the experiment he ran fast and hard.

He describes a scene of clean bright white washed fence on his left. Inside the fence was a field of wheat nearly all golden ripe. It flowed with the wind and he could see that the field extended for miles. Beyond that he could see great evergreen trees, they were bigger than the mountains behind them but smooth and rounded over and a tannish brown in color.

As he was still running  fast and hard he looked to his right. To the right it was night on that side of the road. There was a fence made of 3 stranded barb wire and it surrounded a dark and gloomy cemetary.

Next, he saw his girlfriends mother's head floating in the air next to him. Her face was full of fear. Her and Michael looked at each other and understood what was going on but no words were spoken between them.

He then saw a pinprick of light and it was getting bigger, it looked as it someone was moving their left arm in a wave above their head as he got closer to it. The head looked at what he was seeing and as she saw what he saw, a feeling of great peace and joy overcame him. She told him she was glad to see him, that she loved him and goodbye. As she moved away she became full bodied and she moved into the light that faded as Michael approached the end of the world, which in fact turned out to be the 1/4 mile driveway to his old house. As soon as he stopped running, it began to rain.

He sat up in his bed. He was disturbed by the experience he just had, so much so that he could not go back to sleep, and he couldn't stop thinking about what he had just experienced.

The next morning he called his girlfriend. She told him her mother had died early that morning. It's hard to forget he says but was it a paranormal experience or just something that couldn't be explained!

There is more to Michael's story which will be printed at another time