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The Mizpah Hotel

JULY 28, 2022


PHPR investigators just returned to Brookdale Lodge to do a follow-up on cabin 4, after remodeling on the cabin was completed.

When we first investigated Cabin 4, the SLS camera had picked up a spirit that was very tall and menaceing. He had followed us from room to room in the downstairs level, at one point being joined by a second smaller spirit.

While there, we got several EVP's and the DVR camera upstairs in the bedroom to the left of the stairs kept going to a blackout for several seconds then abruptly coming back into focus. This happened about 6-7 times in a two hour period. Also present were several obvious orbs that seemed to follow the investigators, turning a finetuned 90 degree angle to do so.


PHPR investigators are off to Nevada City Aug 13 and 14, 2022 to do an investigation at several locations there. We will post any evidence we get asap after they return along with any videos, audios or pics we get.

JANUARY 22, 2022



As promised, we have brought you some incredible new pics and videos from our trip to Tonopah, Nevada. We stayed at the Mizpah one night and were allowed to investigate down in the hotels lobby after midnight. Check them out and I think you will be rather surprised and very interested in them.

This is the video I find most intriqing!! If you listen carefully, you will hear music playing. Then take notice of the two SLS spirits, kicking it and moving with the slow music. They appear to really enjoy the music and are in no hurry to do anything else.

Live PHPR Interview

On October 27th, 2021 from 9-10PM, KSCO's radio show host, Paul Tashiro hosted two PHPR team members on his show Ghosts N Grub. To listen, tune into the link above.

Tim and John Reed with Paul Tashiro at a live radio interview at KSCO Radio in Santa Cruz, Ca.

Paul and Johnny In The Studio


Nick Groff Tours

On Oct. 9th, 2021, two of our team investigators joined Nick Groff in a tour at the Goldfield Hotel in Goldfield, Nevada.

Tim and John Reed with Nick Groff and his wife Tessa DelZoppo

Californian Newspaper Article

October 22, 2021

Follow the link above to read about PHPR and the haunted dolls at the Escape Room

OCTOBER 15, 2021


The Escape Room-Conclusion

Our home-The Shadow Figure



The Escape Room

Salinas, California

We have new video and soon to add more pics and audios. We are investigating the Escape Room in Salinas, California and have added a little preview of part of the investigation for anyone to check out on The Escape Room page.

Continue to follow us to see more pics, videos, and info relating to the Escape Room.

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