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Goldfield, Nevada


Goldfield, Nevada is an unincorporated community and also the county seat of Esmeralda County. In 2010, the Census showed a population of 238, but when it was first established in 1902, at it's height there were around 30,000 population. The Goldfield Hotel is located here.

The Goldfield Hotel has been closed since the 50's. It is currently under renovation.

Goldfield High School is also under renovation.


The Goldfield Hotel is reputed to be very haunted by many paranormal investigators and visitors. Room 109 is especially haunted it is claimed. 

Of the ghosts that are said to hang out in the hotel, there is George Wingfield, his mistress and their two illegimate children. There is also tales of a young spirit that loves to play pranks on the visitors. There are rumors of the spirits of 2 people who committed suicide at the hotel alledgedly. Then, to top it all off, you have "THE STABBER", whom it is said likes to threaten and attack people with a knife, though it seems he causes more fear than harm.

An interesting off the wall sidenote: It's said that Wyatt and Virgil Earp have stayed at this hotel.

While investigating the Goldfield Hotel with Nick Groff, I am sorry to say that our investigators got nothing except two very bad EVP's while there. They put this down to the fact that there were approx. 30 or so people there, and that would be way too many people, too much noise and too much confusion in their opinion to get any spirit to interact with any of them. Our investigators have found through their many investigations that a they have a much better chance of interaction of any kind with a spirit when they have been at a site for awhile and allowed the spirits to become somewhat accustomed to them before they try to communicate with them. They have noted that too many people or too much confusion seem to have a negative effect on spirits which makes the spirits not want to interact until they feel more in control of who they try to communicate with, which only makes sense to me.

Our team hopes that we will be allowed to investigate the Hotel at a later date with many less people around. We will let you know if that happens.

Goldfield Police Station And Jail.